FAN Guohua

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FAN Guohua



Professor Fan graduated from the School of Marxism Education in University of Nankai as a MA in law in September 2004. He is the secretary of the party committee in the School of Humanities and Law.


Courses Taught:

Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and Chinese Characteristics, and education of ideological politics.


Main Publications:

1.The Theory and Practice of Building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Shenyang Press, 1997.

2.Analysis of Contemporary Capitalism, Shenyang Press, 1997.

3.Deng Xiaoping Theory Tutorial, Liaoning University Press, 1998.

4.Enterprise Technology Innovation and the Development of Creativity, Shenyang Press, 1998.


1.Dialectical thinking about the relationship between socialism and capitalism.

2.To guide young students to a correct understanding of Contemporary Capitalism.

3.The principles and orientation of the present stage of optimizing the economic structure of our country.

4.To guide young students to a correct understanding of capitalism is an important task of Marx's theory of class teaching.

5.Theoretical thinking of capitalism in socialist countries.

6.Consideration of Countermeasures of solving the contradictions among the people in the new period.