DU Wenyong

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DU Wenyong

Professor of School of Humanities and Law

Doctor of law, graduated from Renmin University of China




Research Interests:

Constitution and administrative law, Educational law


Courses Taught

Constitution, Science of Legislation,

Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law


Main Publications:

. Monographs:

    1. Right to Education in View of Constitutional Norms, Law PressChina, 2012.9

2. Philosophic Reflection and Legal Research on Environmental Problems of Western China (Associate Editor), Inner Mongolia University Press, 2009.11

3. Key Issues to Constitutional Law (Associate Editor), Renmin University Press, 2014.1

4. Course of Constitutional Law (Co-editor), University of International Business and Economics Press, 2010.9

     5. Constitutional Law (Co-editor), Peking University Press, 2012.8

. Articles

1. Thinking on Perfecting the Trial Organization in China, Forward Position, No.12, 2001

2. Relevant Problems about Rule the Education According to Law, Academic Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University, No.7, 2005

3. Identifying the Subject of Bribery in Schools and other Institutions of Education, Theory Horizon, No.12, 2009

     4.To treat Freedom of Conscience Seriously, Hebei Law Science, No.5, 2010

5. Ranged Space of Freedom of Speech in University Classroom, Research on Constitutional Cases of China(), Law PressChina, 2010.1