CHENG Tiexin


CHENG Tiexin 
PhD, Professor


Tel:+86 -22-83956952

OGC ‘s PRINCE2 Practitioner, IPMP professor B2 His research areas are project management, city traffic organization management. He has published 8 books and more than 50 academic articles. He talks undergraduate Subjects: Project management, Operational management, Quality management and postgraduate Subjects: Project management, Project purchase and contract management.


Main Publications are as follows
1. City traffic organization under big event 2011(4);
2. City business center parking needs management 2013(9);
3. IT and project management software application 2011(4);
4. Development and Application of Tender Evaluation Decision-making and Risk Early Warning System for Water Projects Based on KDD, Advances in Engineering Software, 48 (2012) 58–69;
5. Risk pre-warning of tender evaluation for civil projects: an outliers detecting model, Journal of Southeast University (English Edition), Vol.24, Sup, Jun. 2008, P155-159;
6. Traffic Flow Analysis Based on Regional Transportation Routes Controlled for Special Planned Events, The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering.(EI:20101212798900)

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