WEI Yaping


WEI Yaping

PhD, Professor





Her research areas are enterprise investment, technology finance and investment, entrepreneurship Education.She went to Illinois University to do a research in 2001-2002. She is also the vice president of Intangible Asset Research Committee in Tianjin, Government Consultant, number of Chinese Business Economic committee and senior number of Chinese Accounting Association.


She has published more than 50 articles, 8 books, 8 research programs and more than 20 different level research programs. She teachFinance management, Finance management cases, Cooperate finance and analysis, Finance analysis, Advanced finance management and Entrepreneurship education.


Her research programs are:

1Independent innovation and development path realization Mechanism of upland in Binhai District of Tianjin 20118;

2Study on investment and financing decision making mechanism and efficiency in cultural creative enterprise 2011


Her academic articles are

1.The influence of inner finance and outside finance constraints on investment expenditure---take a culture creative enterprise as a case. 2013.10

2.Research on integrated frame mold of increased Enterprise social capital, knowledge management and technical innovation ability2013.9

3.Cultural creative enterprises financing endogenous decision, 2013.4

4.Thoughts on the study of three-in-one type entrepreneurship education system in teaching practice and research2013.4

5.Study on the connotation and characteristics of independent innovation high land, 2012(9)


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