YAN Yaojun


YAN Yaojun 



The Chief of Public Crisis Management Research Committee of Tianjin Polytechnic University, the Executive Director of National Level One Further Research Committee, the Chief of Chinese Further Research and Prediction Committeethe Director of Chinese Social Theory Committee, the Executive Director of Chinese Dual Method Committee of Emergency Managementthe Member of Tianjin Science Associationthe Executive Director and legal representative of Tianjin Further Research and Prediction Committee.


Main research areas are social prediction, social precaution, public crisis management, social development planning. He talks Social theory, Social prediction principles, Public crisis management, Academic paper writing, Pulbikc management, Social Psychology. He finished five books and published the following academic papers recently, which are Interactive reflection principle the main object of the prediction of social 2003(1);Construction of social stability and measurement of precaution system 2004(3); Lag and feedforward control in risk society 2009(4);The construction difficulties and its solution of social precaution system in China 2012(4);The essence of social control -- control thought in ancient China 2013(4)

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