LEI Huanying


LEI Huanying 





She is good at analyzing all kinds of financial data, economic date and specialized in data model build-up and analysis. She has finished 5 books and more than 20 papers in important academic journals. Her research program has won a second price of science development in Shanxi Province. Her research programs are not limited to CPI deviation adjustment and determination supported by national science funding of 2011; the traffic’s influence and contribution research on national economic in Shanxi Province supported by Shanxi Traffic Bureau in 2006 and so on. Her papers are not limited to the influence factors of new farmer worker’s income based on Tianjin survey 2013(7); The thinking about the doubt of CPI 2013(9); The public scientific literacy survey research 2011(10); the research on economic spatial structure and agglomeration effects of town based on GIS 2011(6); The research on hedonic CPI based on quality adjustment 2007(10) and so on.

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