LI Xinyu李新禹

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LI Xinyu
Professor Dr/master

Office telephone +86-22-83955393

Education background:      
September 2002 - September 2006 Tianjin university doctoral student
September 1991 - March 1994 Tianjin university master
September 1982 - July 1986 Tianjin polytechnic university undergraduates


Work experience:      
November 2009 - present Tianjin industry university professor
November 2001 - November 2009 Associate professor of tianjin polytechnic university


Research areas:      
Building energy conservation, waste heat power generation


The main courses taught:      
Undergraduate courses: heat transfer, industrial ventilation, building environment
Postgraduate courses: theory and method of heat transfer


The main academic achievements, awards and honors:  
1. 2009, heat transfer English teaching courseware, which won second prize of ministry of education; The architectural environment excellence award by the ministry of education.
2. In 1998 won the national Qian Zhiguang teaching award.


Mainly teaching and scientific research projects:      
1. Weapon corporation (project number:) : waste heat power generation system research, 2007-2008, the project leader
2.the eu support project: hydrogen production by biomass mechanism and equipment research, 4 participants
3.the tianjin education commission project: the optimal design of thermoelectric cooling trigeneration systems, 2005-2007, the project leader


Published articles, monographs (representative) :
1, xin-yu li sown frozen water cooling equipment scale prevention and treatment of fluid machinery 2004.11
2, xin-yu li more change small air conditioning air supply device design and analysis process fluid machinery 2005.1
3, xin-yu li sown material can be used to heat and cold trigeneration systems and the feasibility of energy engineering 2005.4
4, dymphna Zhang Yu Feng Xin-yu li city life garbage processing method and the benefit evaluation progress in natural science (author) 3
5, 2004.8 xin-yu li The development of shu-sen liu small controllable climate simulation inlet device Journal of tianjin polytechnic university of 2006.2

6, xin-yu li Zhang Yu Feng MSW pyrolysis equipment and properties research Journal of huazhong university of science and technology (EI)
7, 2007.12 xin-yu li Chun-chieh liu PeiJingJing temperature ozone half-life experiment and theoretical analysis Journal of tianjin university 2007.8
8, xin-yu li (EI) Jeff lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system installations, used as a textile factory air conditioning Journal of tianjin polytechnic university 2008.2.259、XINYU LI XINGJIN JIECHEN JIEXU EXERGY ANALYSIS OF REFRIGERATING UNITS OF TEXTILE AIR CONDITIONING  Tsinghua-ISHVAC-2007 September7-8,2007,Beijing ,China  
10、XINYULI XINGJIN JIECHEN OP-restricting Parameter Analysis of Centrifugal Refrigerating Units The First International Conference on Building Energy and Environment Dalian, China July 13-16,2008(ISTP)
12、XINYULI XINGJIN JIECHEN Application of Air-conditioning Technology with Independent Temperature-humidity Control Texile Mills The First International Conference on Building Energy and Environment Dalian, China July 13-16,2008(ISTP)
13、XINYULI JINGJIN quation of two-phase flow in spray chamber 中南大学学报(英文版)(SCI)
14, xin-yu li Venus spray chamber two-phase flow heat mass transfer research Textile journals (2) p120 31-12415、XINYULI LIUSHUSEN chear on solar-low temperature waste heat electric power gerneration system Advanced materials research vols.171-172,part2 p512-517(EI)
16、、XINYULI LIUSHUSEN merical simulations of biological droplet transport in an indoor environment p862-867 progress in envirnmental science and engineering part2(EI)
17, Liu Long Working medium optimization choose xin-yu li lang Ken cycle power generation system Journal of central south university (natural science edition) 2012 lancet volume increase 1 (EI)