MA Yu马彧

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Professor of industrial design


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Education background:      
1 design, tsinghua university master of art
2 China normal university bachelor of arts


Work experience:      
September 2008 Tianjin industry university taught
September 2004 - September 2008 employed in hubei academy of fine arts teachers
December 2003 - September 2007 employed for tsinghua university academy of fine arts teachers
February 2000, associate professor, school of automobile industry of hubei province in September 2008
February 1997, May 1997, dongfeng company dongfeng real estate company crafts
June 6, 1993 - February 1993 in dongfeng company executive ding, crafts, the general manager of our company
July 1990, in February 1991, the enterprise culture magazine editorial board


Research areas:
Chinese culture and design research, research on tourist economy and product design


The main courses taught:      

Undergraduate courses: product design, the design procedure and method, project design (a) (2), automobile modeling design, display design, display design
Master degree: Chinese culture and product design, system design


The main teaching achievements, awards and honors:      
1. The guidance of domestic and international various kinds of competition winning more than 200 times, the first prize of more than 30, 100 second and third prizes. Which guide students to receive a red dot award in 2010, 2010 Chinese car series a the best creative award, 2006 Taiwan international automobile competition first prize.
2. Participate in provincial teaching achievement first prize.
3. Obtain the excellent teaching quality.


The main academic achievements, awards and honors:      
1. 2010 China industrial design association jingwei industrial design award competition, was awarded a prize of jingwei, jingwei awards a prize.


Mainly teaching and scientific research projects:      
(1) the development of tourist souvenir of the wudang mountain tourism destination design hubei province scientific and technological research projects, the project number: B20082305, project director.
(2) with local characteristics of wudang mountain tourism souvenirs design and market development hubei province humanities and social science research project, the project number: 2008 y240, project director.
(3) based on the intangible cultural heritage taste, tianjin souvenir development and design, 2008 annual scientific planning of tianjin art items, item, item number: D08027, project director. Souvenirs
(4) the tianjin binhai new area of tourism destination image planning and research of tianjin college humanities and social science research project project number: 20082303, the project director.
(5) tianjin xin into new trade co., LTD., rehabilitation fitness products seven series, transverse project, project director.
(6) for wuhan WeiJia company to complete the development of tourism commodity technology project, design of tourism souvenirs 26 / set, transverse project, project director.
(7) days Frederic technology co., LTD. In Beijing to complete the series collection device modelling design project, transverse project, project director.
(8) the contemporary university education being the classroom teaching research, organization and innovation, the project director.
(9) the transition of industrial design specialty basic courses and specialized courses teaching chain research, project director.
(10) the curve of teaching emotional fluctuation and industrial design professional teaching process innovation research, project director.

Published articles, monographs (representative):  
(1) the theory of community self-help transportation and intelligent transportation , (from) alone. outfit ACTS the role of core journals
(2) the emotional teaching and the industrial design specialty teaching examples, (from) alone. outfit ACTS the role of core journals
(3) the wudang Taoism spells and tourist souvenirs design, (from) alone. outfit ACTS the role of core journals (4) how to modelling and how the shape (from) alone and observe the arts core journals
(5) the wudang Taoism hurrying and multiplier model analytic study of (from) alone art and design core journals
(6) the shallow interpretation of automobile modeling design of the original starting point , (from) alone, packaging engineering core journals
(7) introduction to wudang mountain metal products design, (from) alone, packaging engineering core journals
(8)The Design of the Tourist Souvenirs related to Universe Globe of China based on the Concept of Harmony(《Based on fu harmonious Chinese qiankun ball souvenirs design》)(EI);
(9)On harmonious thought in Taoist martial arts and the design of tourism souvenirs(《Talk to teach martial arts in the harmonious thought and the design of tourist souvenirs》)(EI);
(10) Design with caring for humanity about comprehensive training bed for medical rehabilitation(EI)。