YANG Tao杨涛

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Master tutor




Education background:  
January 2011 - January 2012 Rmit university visiting scholar
June 6, 2001 - September 2004 Tianjin university doctoral students
September 1995 - June 1998 Jianghan petroleum institute master
September 1987 - June 1991 Changchun polytechnic university undergraduates


Work experience:  
December 2006 , an associate professor at tianjin polytechnic university
June 2004 - December 2006 Tianjin industry university lecturer


Research areas:  
Textile composites forming technologies and equipment, electromechanical integration technology


The main courses taught:  
Undergraduate courses: hydraulic and pneumatic, sensor technology, programmable controller principle and application
master's courses: modern control theory and engineering


The main teaching achievements, awards and honors:  
1. The class quality: hydraulic and pneumatic

The main academic achievements, awards and honors:
1.2010 years of tianjin science and technology progress third prize (no. : 2010 jb - 3-144 - R1) : based on Decicenet wide loom intelligent control system; Ranked first
2.2008 the third level 131 talents tianjin


Mainly teaching and scientific research projects:  
1. The application base in tianjin and cutting-edge technology projects focus on the project (project number: 11 jczgjc2300) : working condition of the lower layer of viscoelastic composite layer dynamics and system research; Start-stop years: in March, 2011 - March 2014; Project director
2. Enterprise horizontal cooperation project: wide heavy machine electrical control system development;; Start-stop years: in March, 2009 - December 2011; The project leader


Published articles, monographs (representative) :  
1. Yang tao, Gao Dianbin Li Kaiyue GeBang, 840 d composite material laying system and its control strategy, aerospace material process, No. 3, (2008), P34-36.
2. Yang tao, Gao Dianbin, Li Kaiyue, composites Ye Liang hot pressing molding, aerospace material process, No. 5, (2008), P58-60
3. Yang tao, Gao Dianbin, Li Kaiyue, composite tail rotor Ye Liang constant tension winding design and application, space material technology, No. 1, (2008), were to 30.4. Zhang, J., Yang, T., Lin, T., Wang, C.H. Phase Morphology of Nanofibre Interlayers: Critical Factor for Toughening Carbon/epoxy Composites, Compos Sci Technol, 2012, 72, 256-62.