SUI Xiuwu隋修武

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SUI Xiuwu
Senior engineer/master tutor


Office telephone:+86-22-83955131

Education background:    
March 2003 - in October 2006 Tianjin polytechnic university of measurement and instrument professional doctoral student
September 1993 - March 1996 Tianjin university automation instrument and equipment professional master
September 1989 - July 1993 Tianjin university department of automation undergraduates


Work experience:    
December 2008 Tianjin industry university, senior engineer
April 2007 - December 2008 Tianjin industry university engineers
April 1996 - March 2007 Tianjin university institute of internal combustion engine engineer


Research areas:    
1, modern testing technology and intelligent instruments
2, machine vision technology
3, embedded system and electromechanical integration technology
4, precision processing and intelligent control


The main courses taught:      
Undergraduate courses: the principle of measurement and control system design (bilingual education), measurement and control technology and the lecture, analog electronic technology, automatic control principle
Postgraduate courses: mechanical and electrical engineering, microcomputer control system and its application


The main teaching achievements, awards and honors:      
1, 2009 annual excellent teacher in tianjin polytechnic university
2, 2011, 2012 outstanding communist party member
3, 2011 in tianjin polytechnic university in tianjin polytechnic university teaching quality prize

4, 2012, tianjin a solar photovoltaic application invention competition prize, first prize. The first
5, 2011, tianjin university students an embedded application design competition first prize, second prize two, bo gen cup national college students embedded design contest third prize.
6, 2010, China computer society sponsored by the IEEE international computer mouse mazes 2 items second prize, the ministry of education in the future partner cup intelligent robot contest robot innovation design, won the first prize in teaching paper match two robots, robot extinguishing, household dust game two second prize.
7, 2009, sponsored by the ministry of education of the 9th guang MAO da cup China robot contest, robot innovation competition first prize, the robot soccer competition third prize, international format robot extinguishing competition second prize. Staff
8, 2012 in tianjin polytechnic university pioneer
9, 2013 in tianjin polytechnic university XianFengGang staff.
10, 2013 in tianjin polytechnic university teaching achievement prizes at the.
11, 2013 won the five provinces and cities in north China robot competition second prize three, won third prize of the binomial.
12, 2013, won the tianjin university students of science and technology competition - DSP application competition won the first prize in the binomial.


Mainly teaching and scientific research projects:
1, tianjin education system research topics: research on training graduate students innovative practice ability, start-stop years: 04, 2014 to October 2014, the project leader.
2, tianjin key research topics: accelerate the innovation development strategy research, start-stop years: 04, 2014 to September 2014, the project director.
3, natural science fund of tianjin (item number 11 jcbjc05600) : new series input branched chain of dynamic reconfigurable parallel manipulator design research; Start-stop time: January 2011 - December 2013; 2,
4, XX nc machine tool control system, start-stop time: January 2008 - December 2010; The project leader

5, free of maglev flywheel energy storage battery - UPS, start-stop years: in June 2012 - June 2013; The project leader
6, the solar panel surface defect detection system based on CCD, start-stop years: in December 2012 - December 2013; Project director
7, tianjin polytechnic university reform project, new phase measurement applied talents training mode professional project code (2010-2-09) : research and practice of start-stop years: in December 2010 - December 2012; Project director
8, tianjin polytechnic university graduate student projects of excellent teaching material construction, machinery and electronics engineering, start-stop years: in April 2012 - April 2014, the project leader

9, tianjin polytechnic university graduate educational reform project, mechatronics thinking method of cultivating graduate students, promoting the comprehensive academic ability of four one, start-stop years: in December, 2012 - December 2014, the project leader
10 graduate students of science and technology, tianjin polytechnic university innovation, based on DSP and CCD sensor on the number of electronic machine control system, the start-stop years: in April 2012, in March 2013, the guidance teacher
11, the national college students' innovative entrepreneurial training program (project number: 201310058021) : precision edm machining quality forecast and control experiment platform, start-stop years: in April 2013 - April 2015, teachers


Published articles, monographs (representative) :
1, xiu-wu sui, xie, kuo-hsiung chang, FanYuMing. Finite element analysis in the application of the resonance tube type density sensor structure design. Journal of instruments and meters, 2008, 29 (02) : 381-381. The EI - 20081211162471
2, xiu-wu sui, xiao-guang qi, based on double line array CCD automatic electronic capsule counting machine, sensor and micro systems, 2012, 31 (5) : 122-125
3, xiu-wu sui, Du Yugong, li Yang, qing-he li, x. Motor vehicle gasoline-fuelled vehicles emission detection using gas flow analyzer. Sensor and micro systems, 2009, 28 (5) : 94-94.
4, xiu-wu sui, NiuXueJuan, ya-ming jiang, sedum adolphii. Measurement system energy consumption model of leg movement clothing. Sensor and micro systems, 2010, 12:96-98101.

5、SUI Xiuwu, QI Xiaoguang, LI Dapeng, ZHANG Guoxiong, FAN Yuming,The Finite Element Analysis in Measurement System of Airplane Fuel Mass,Advanced Materials Research,Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland,2011,EI-20113514275062。
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15, xiu-wu sui, Liu Lei, Du Yugong etc., based on the linear CCD absorbable suture lines diameter detecting system, the sensing technology, has been employed.
16, Ren Dalin xiu-wu sui Du Yugong etc., edm machining quality control and parameter optimization, mechanical science and technology, has been employed.)