YUN Jintian贠今天

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YUN Jintian

Professor Dr/master tutor

Office telephone:+86-22-83955085
Fax:+86-22-83955258 (acknowledgement)

Education background:                                                                      
March 2000 - March 2003 Tianjin university doctoral student
September 1995 - March 1998 Hebei university of technology master
September 1990 - July 1994 Undergraduate students in hebei university of technology


Work experience:                                                                     
December 2010 Tianjin industry university taught it
April 2005 - November 2010 Associate professor of tianjin polytechnic university
July, 1995 - March 2000 Hebei university of technology lecturer


Research areas:                                                                  
Multibody system dynamics and control, machine vision


The main courses taught:                                                            
Undergraduate courses: mechanical engineering control basis
postgraduate courses: modern test theory and technology


Mainly  teaching and scientific research projects:                            
1. The national natural science fund project (no. : 50405018), and flexible characteristics of the virtual multibody system - the operator interaction dynamics behavior research; Start-stop time: January 2005 - December 2005; Project director
2.the national natural science fund project (number: 50675154) : flexible variable cell kinetics and control key problems in research; Start-stop time: January 2007 - December 2009; The second persons
3. Tianjin natural science fund project (number: 10 jcybjc07800) : teleoperation robot tactile device dynamics behavior and control key problems in research; Start-stop years: in April 2010 - March 2010; The project leader


Published articles, monographs (representative) :                                                 
1. Yun jintian, based on digital image processing technology of large axial parallelism measurement of workpiece, China mechanical engineering, 2007, 2007 (20072010603294) EI retrieval2.   Yun Jintian, Jin Guoguang, Li Kun. Study on Dynamic Modeling and Variable Structure Control of Spaceborne Antenna with Multi-Configuration. International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science,2009: 605-608(EI:20094712462088)
3.   Yun Jintian, Li Kun. Dynamic Model of Induced Master Motion in Telerobotics. International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science,2009: 493-496(EI:20094712462060)
4.   Shen Weiguo,Yun Jintian. Study on joint characteristics and the stability of the flexible manipulator considering the control performance. International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing 2010, MEGM 2010:1119-1123(EI: 20110213557591)
5.   Meng Jianjun, Yun Jintian. Application of two-port network in bilateral control for a haptic interface with force-position compensation. 2nd International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Engineering, ICMSE 2011:1211-1216(EI: 20111113756987)
6.   Mingle Zhang, Jintian Yun, Guoguang Jin. System on temperature control of hollow fiber spinning machine based on LabVIEW.  2012 International Workshop on Information and Electronics Engineering, IWIEE 2012:558-562