YANG Shiming杨世明

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YANG Shiming

Professor/master tutor


Office telephone:+86 -22-83755375
Fax:+86 -22-83955258 (acknowledgement)



Education background:    
September 2005 - March 2009 Tianjin industry university master
September 1978 - June 1982 Tianjin polytechnic university textile institute of technology (tianjin) undergraduate students


Work experience:      
February 2000 Tianjin polytechnic university have taught
August 1982 to January 1982 Henan college of engineering (henan textile industry college), an associate professor


Research areas:                    
Mechanical design and theory, machine vision


The main courses taught::            

Undergraduate courses: mechanical principles, mechanical design


The main teaching achievements, awards and honors:              
1. Tianjin polytechnic university teaching masters
2. Tianjin exquisite course mainly persons involved; Tianjin industry university host
3. Excellent courses in tianjin polytechnic university B teaching team leaders



The main academic achievements, awards and honors:
1. In 2010, tianjin science and technology progress second prize (jb 2010-2-2010); The key technology of nonwoven nimh battery diaphragm production and equipment; Ranked third
2.the second prize of science and technology awards in 2009 China's textile industry association; The industrialization and application of nickel metal hydride battery diaphragm non-woven research; Second teaching achievement prizes at the first prize
3.2008 years in tianjin polytechnic university; Design and manufacture of the combination of the mechanical design curriculum research and practice of design pattern; No. 1


Teaching and scientific research projects:
1. The eleventh five-year plan of tianjin education science subject (G031) : engineering system in colleges and universities to cultivate the students' practice ability; Start-stop years: in October 2007 - June 2009; Project director
2. Tianjin science and technology research development scheme: the nimh battery and the development of ni-mh power battery diaphragm (06 yfgpgx07400); Start-stop years: in October 2006 - May 2008; No. 2


Published articles, monographs (representative) :
1.Shi-ming Yang, guo-guang jin,Yun jintian, zhi-you feng, the study of the motions of cell body impact, China mechanical engineering, vol. 20, No. 13 (2009), P1608 ~ 1611.
2. Shi-ming Yang, Qin Wei, with surface workpiece surface movement parameters of CCD detection, journal of Shanghai jiaotong university, vol. 42, No. S1 (2008), p103-106. (EI: 20094812508983)3.  YANG Shiming, HU Yechu, Study on measuring the motion parameters of a space motion component with two CCD cameras ,ISPDI2009,p738412-1~738412-7. (EI: 20094812508983)
4. Shi-ming Yang (Ed.), mechanical design, Beijing: electronic industry press, 20075.  Caihong Yang,Shiming Yang,Yunlei Hou, Study on general total stiffness matrix of plane multi-storied truss, Advanced Materials Research,Vol.308-310(2011),p632-635. (EI: 20114014384987)