LI Liangyu李亮玉

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LI Liangyu  


Office telephone:+86 -22-83955257



Education background:                                                                      
March 1996 - September 2000 Harbin industrial university doctoral student
September 1989 - March 1992 Harbin industrial university master
September 1983 - July 1987 Taiyuan university of science and technology undergraduate students


Work experience:                                                           
04, 2002 - present Tianjin industry university professor
November 2000 - March 2012 Yanshan university associate professor


Research areas:                                                                 
Industrial robot technology, welding automation


The main courses taught:                                                            
Undergraduate courses: industrial robot
postgraduate course: robotics, thermal measurement and control
doctoral programmes: robotics


The main academic achievements, awards and honors:      
1. Science and technology progress prize of tianjin in 2009 (no. : 2009 jb - 2-034) : the quality control of arc welding robot based on multi-source information fusion technology; Top 1
2. 2008, tianjin science and technology progress third prize (number: 2008 jb - 3-087), digital pipeline welding inverter power source based on DSP control; No. 1



Teaching and scientific research projects:                          
1. The national key basic research development program (973 program) corpus project (project number: 2013 cb035602) : motor system collaborative optimization and integration design; Start-stop time: January 2013 - August 2017; Project director
2.the national natural science fund project (project number: U1333128) : aircraft engine blade plasma welding repair precision forming control method research; Start-stop time: January 2014 - December 2016; Project director
3.the national natural science fund project (project number: 51075299) : all position based on the eddy current effect MAG welding molten pool forming stable control basic research; Start-stop time: January 2011 - December 2013; The project leader
4. The ministry of education doctoral fund project (project number: 200800580005) : all position MIG/MAG welding molten pool stable forming mechanism of research; Start-stop time: January 2009 - December 2011; Project manager
5. Tianjin science and technology support plan key projects (project number: 10 zckfgx03900) : aircraft engine blade welding automation repair system key technology; Start-stop years: in March, 2010 - December 2012; Project director
6. Tianjin on natural science fund project (project number: 09 jcybjc04900) : based on the eddy current effect all position welding pool stable forming mechanism research; Start-stop years: in March, 2009 - March 2012; The project leader
7. A key project of natural science fund of tianjin (project number: 05 yfjzjc02100) : quality control of arc welding robot based on multi-source information fusion technology; Start-stop years: in March, 2005 - December 2007; The project leader


Published articles, monographs (10) :                                             
1. YueJianFeng liang-yu, tian-qi wang, Liu Wenji. Based on the extra high frequency alternating magnetic field to the MAG welding molten pool of the shape control. Journal of mechanical engineering. 2013,49 (8) : 65-70 (EI20132216393983)
2. YueJianFeng, liang-yu, tian-qi wang. Based on positive GMAW welding more information fusion penetration control. Journal of mechanical engineering. 2009, (11) : 283-287 (EI20095112567442)
3. YueJianFeng liang-yu, fang-lei. Fusion arc welding robot visual adaptive detection and gas protection welding molten pool. Journal of mechanical engineering, 2008, 44 (4) : P206-210 (EI082311303448)
4. YueJianFeng, liang-yu. A new kind of GMAW three-dimensional analytical model of temperature field. The welding journal. 2008, 29 (4) : P49 to 52 (EI082311303376)
5. Fang-lei, liang-yu, Zhou Xin. Welding thermal process temperature measurement based on arc radiation model analysis. The welding journal. 2008, 29 (9) : P87-90 (EI20084311658189)
6. Wang Tianqi, Li Liangyu, Li Xiao and Yang Xu. Numerical simulation of heat-affected zone microstructure in GMAW.  China Welding.  2009,18(2): P46-50  (EI20093112222404)
7. Yue Jianfeng,Li Liangyu,Fan Fanglei and Wu Baolin.Weld pool vision sensing and image processing for GMAW.  China Welding.  2009,18(1): P47-50  (EI20091912077045)
8. Hai-zhen jiang, liang-yu, fang-lei Zhou Xin. 3 d fabrication suture robotic visual tracking system. Journal of textile. 2008, 29 (10) : P113-116
9. Tian-qi wang, liang-yu, YueJianFeng. Based on the characteristics of groove continuous nozzle-vessel junction joint welding robot trajectory planning. Welding journal. 2013 (1) : 65-68 (EI20132516432852)
10. Yao Fulin, liang-yu, YueJianFeng. Unilateral suture composite mechanism motion planning and analysis of the manipulator system. Textile journal. 2012 (11) : 117-12