JIN Guoguang金国光

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JIN Guoguang

Doctoral tutor/professor

Office telephone:Tel+86-22-83955276




Education background:                                                                      
 February 1998 - March 2001 Tianjin university doctoral student

September 1985 - January 1988 Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics master
September 1981 - July 1985 Zhengzhou industrial university undergraduates.


Work experience:                                                                     
 March 2003 - present Professor of tianjin polytechnic university
March 2001 - March 2003 Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, a postdoctoral fellow
January 1988 - February 1998 Zhengzhou university of technology lecturer


Research areas:                                                                  
Modern mechanisms, mechanical multibody system dynamics and control


The main courses taught:                                                           
Undergraduate courses: mechanical principles, mechanical design basis.
Master courses: mechanical dynamics


The main teaching achievements, awards and honors:                                                          
1. Tianjin main members of the mechanical design class quality.
2. Tianjin polytechnic university series of mechanical design course teaching team members mainly.
3. Aldershot, guo-qing zhou, miao is the tillage, ming-fu Yin, guo-guang jin, Jiang Xiuming, Yuan Ruwang, yong-li zhao. At the center of the new type of textile machinery research and development of electromechanical integration, cooperation between colleges to cultivate applied talents. Tianjin polytechnic university, university teaching achievement first prize in 2008.
4. Wu Baolin, Xue Yansong, XiaoFang, Jiang Xiuming, guo-guang jin etc. With information technology as the main line, to create the design, manufacture, control of higher mechanical engineering education of the three pillars of the new model. Tianjin polytechnic university, 2004 university-level teaching achievement first prize.


The main academic achievements, awards and honors:  
1. Guo-guang jin, ming-cheng zhang, Chen Daoxue lan-ying ding, qing-hai wang, shao-lin zhang, etc. Ball rolling bearing type planetary gear reducer. Third prize of henan province spark plan, certificate number: 9621199 on November 6 years.
2. Guo-guang jin, ming-cheng zhang, Chen Daoxue, lan-ying ding, qing-hai wang, shao-lin zhang, etc. Ball rolling bearing type planetary gear reducer. Education in henan province scientific and technological progress second prize, certificate number: 962098199 6 years and 9 months.


Teaching and scientific research projects:
1. The national natural science foundation of China (project number: 50675154) : flexible variable cell kinetics and control key problems in research; Start-stop time: January 2007 - December 2009; Project director.
2. The foundation of the application and research in cutting-edge technologies in tianjin plan (project number: 09 jcybjc04600) : variable cell mechanism innovation design theory and method of research; Start-stop years: in April 2009 - March 2012; Project director.
3. The ministry of education science and technology research key project (project number: 205012) : flexible change cell mechanism dynamics modeling and its dynamic performance study; Start-stop years: in March, 2005 - December 2007; Project director.


Published articles, monographs (representative) :                                                
1.Zhan Wei, Guoguang Jin, Boyan Chang, Dong Liang.  Dynamic Design of High-speed Planar Cam with Oscillating Follower. Advanced Materials Research, 2011, Vols.308-310,  1845-1849.  (EI:20114014385215).
2. Chang beyondsoft, guo-guang jin jian s dai, shi-ming Yang, zhi-you feng. Describe the variable incidence matrix of cell organization structure mode transformation method. Mechanical science and technology, 2011, 30 (3) : 507-511.
3.Boyan Chang, Guoguang Jin, Jiansheng Dai, Jintian Yun.  The Dynamics Analysis of Metamorphic Mechanisms Based on Fully Cartesian Coordinates Method. Advanced Materials Research, 2010, Vols.139-141, 2391-2396.  (EI:20110113546187).
4. Guo-guang jin, liu and noon, shu-xin wang. There is a wide range of motion of the flexible rectangular plate system dynamics modeling. Journal of Harbin institute of technology, 2009, 41 (1) : 232-234, 238.
5. Guo-guang jin editor. Mechanical principles. Beijing: electronic industry press, 2009. (in colleges and universities compile for universal use materials such as machinery of the period of 11th five-year plan, a total of 390000 words).
6. Guo-chao tang, guo-guang jin, liu. The flexible manipulator dynamics modeling and characteristic research. Mechanical science and technology, 2009, 28 (8) : 1031-1034.
7.Guo-guang jin, Yun jintian, shi-ming Yang, dong-fu li. Flexible change cell mechanism dynamics modeling and simulation research. Journal of huazhong university of science and technology, 2008, 36 (11) : 76-79. (EI: 085211813088).
8. Yan-rong wu, guo-guang jin, dong-fu li, shi-ming Yang, jian s dai. Describe the variable cell adjacency matrix organization structure mode transform method. Journal of mechanical engineering, 2007, 43 (7) : 23-26. (EI: 073410776718).