The Second Session of Language and Culture Week for Chinese and Foreign Students


On 20th November, the week-long Second Session of Culture and Language Week for Chinese and Foreign students comes to an end completely. During the last week, more than 1600 Chinese and foreign students from the Youth League Committee, the School of International Education, the School of Textile, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Computer Science and software Engineering, the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, the School of Art and Fashion, the School of Management, and the School of Economics took part in the 33 special and exciting activities.

On the opening ceremony of the Culture and Language week, Chen bowen, the vice president of TJPU delivers a warm speech, and Jiang Yaming, the dean of the School of International Education directs on the spot and takes active part in the activities. The opening ceremony is a big and lively spectacle with the enthusiastic singing and dancing from Chinese and foreign students. Following the opening ceremony, the week-long activities starts one by one, involving the introduction of food and clothes, performance of songs and dances, playing games and sports, and learning handcrafts and languages.

A prominent feature of the Culture and Language Week is that the Chinese-focused activities go parallel with the foreign students hosted activities. The former are designed and organized by Chinese students, fully displaying the charm of Chinese traditional culture while the latter are taken to revealing the exotic flavors. With all the activities, the Chinese and foreign students can savor the different lives and cultures within the different nations.

The food cultures of Chinese and other countries have outshone themselves. All kinds of food have their own charms and stimulate students’ appetite, such as the biscuits made by the students from Germany and Finland, the Cambodian dessert, the native Korean kimbap and ramen, and the famous dumpling, Chinese doughnut, rice cake and Tianjin special beans. By cooking the delicacies, students taste the flavors of other countries and personally experience the colorful human culture.

Sports and Games” section is also an important part of the Culture and Language Week. The students make a design of all kinds of interesting sports and games in which power and beauty are showed. Table tennis and badminton competition are fierce but friendly. Radish down, guessing riddles and others combine brain with body intricately which attract students to involve in and have fun.

Hand painted T-shirt, woven bracelet and other handcrafts really give a test of the flexibility, while national dances present the distinguishing ethnic flavors and leave a strong audio and visual impact on the students, all of which give a chance of the cultural and mental communication. The Culture Week truly carries out the spirit of diversifying the campus culture and boosting the international influence of the school.

During the week, Chinese and foreign students appreciate the culture and customs of different countries. Finally, the second culture and language week for Chinese and foreign students comes to an end successfully with all cheer.

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