Mechatronic Engineering


Basic theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge of mechanical design, electronics and control will be taught to the students for this major. The graduates is cultivated to master abilities to solve the problems of electromechanical equipment and design mechatronic system, so that all senior engineering and technical talents can be devoted to tasks of research and development, design, application and technology in relevant field of the mechatronic products.  


The students mainly learn the theory and knowledge of machinery, electronics, control and robotics. They are trained as the mechanical engineers mastering the key technology of mathematics and profession who are capable of designing and manufacturing the electromechanical products. Besides, they are expert in organization management, especially good at the integration and application of robotic system.


The department features in Electromechanical System Designing of Industrial Equipment and Integration and application of Robotic System . Guided by the commission of teaching instruction in Ministry of Education, we concern about the requirement of students majoring in mechatronics for modern economic construction and social development. The department devotes to train outstanding engineering talents who are qualified in various aspects including basic skills of system design, control and robotic system integration.


Taking the disciplinary orientation and characteristic into account, the department always focuses on improving the quality of education. According to the engineering background, the students are encouraged to get involved in various practical activities of scientific and technical innovation. The students got numerous awards in many famous competitions such as Tianjin mathematical modeling, English contest, Challenge Cup and so on.


The major of mechatronics follows the principle of wide-caliber education, combined mechanics with electronics and information technology.  Furthermore, it integrates the multi-disciplinary theory to build a characteristic major covering the knowledge of electronics, machinery, information, measurement and control. The graduates are competitive and popular in career prospects. The undergraduate employment rate remains at a high level (over 95%) for years.


The length of schooling is 4 years, after which students may obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering. The department is also authorized as a master degree granting institution. Outstanding students can be recommended as the graduate students excused from the entrance exams. In addition, they may have the opportunity of further education in our cooperative universities abroad.



Main Courses:
engineering drawing
engineering mechanics
theory of machines
mechanical design
fundamentals of mechanical control engineering
hydraulic and transmission
electronic technique
engineering material
interchange and technical measurement
fundamentals of mechatronic transmission control
foundation of machine manufacturing technology
sensor and detection technique
principle and application of single chip microcomputer
electromechanical control technology
industrial robot
principle and application of programmable controller and mechatronic integrationsystem design.


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