Application Form and Admission Steps


Download:Application Form.xlsx or Application Form.pdf


Step One: Contact us
The applicants should download and fill in above application form  for international students to study in Tianjin Polytechnic University and mail the original or e-mail ( the scanning copy along with the application documents.


Step Two: Documents Checking
For applicants examined as qualified to admit to study in TJPU shall be asked to transfer registration fee RMB500(or USD100) to university account and then shall be issued with Letter of Admission and JW202 Form.


Step Three: Physical Examination
Every student who has received the JW202 Form needs to take a medical examination at a public hospital in your home-country according to the inspection items on the form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner provided by our school.


Step Four: Visa Application
With our university’s admission letter, your passport, JW202 Form and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner, you can apply for an X visa at the Chinese Embassy in your country.


Step Five: Inform Us and Apply for a pick-up Service at the Airport
To arrange your accommodation, please inform us of your arrival time one week in advance. If the pick-up service is required, please notify us once you know the flight information. All relevant expenses are supposed to be borne by yourselves.


Step Six: Registration
You need to register at the School of International Education of Tianjin Polytechnic University within 72 hours after your arrival. Upon registration, you need to pay all the relevant fees (for cost of study in TJPU click )  and submit your passport, Admission Letter, JW202 Form, Physical Examination Record for Foreigner as well as 4 passport size photos.




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