Clothing Design and Engineering


From 1983, the specialty of Clothing Design and Engineering was built on the subject of Textile, Dyeing and Finishing, and Machinery while combining with Art, Humanity and Engineering of Clothing, till now it has gathered education experiences in this specialty for 30 years. The institute of Clothing Design was established in 1984. Then, the undergraduate specialty of Clothing Engineering was founded in 1985 by clothing department. In 1988, the specialty of Fashion Art Design was set up. The master’s program of Clothing Engineering was started from 1991. The Clothing Design and Engineering got a national key specialty, constructed course structure on engineering system, promoted practical education method to cultivate students has capacity of technology and management for clothing production since 1999. In 2005, the specialty established the doctoral program for postgraduates,developed research on education and clothing science with the process of discipline construction, formed the completely discipline structure for Clothing Design and Engineering.Now, there are two field of the specialty, Clothing Product Development and Clothing Retail and Trade; and 1 doctoral program, 3 master’s programs.


\With developing of the discipline, the specialty equipped with a well-balanced faculty team in experience and academic, including 5 professors, 14 associate professors who has published specialized books than 10, 1 awardee of national excellent teaching, 2 awardees of Tianjin excellent teaching in recently years. A large number of academic achievements participated 7 vertical projects of the provincial level and other 12 horizontal projects cooperating with the enterprise, received 4 municipal above honor, especially the Garment test equipment development project and Development of clothing CAD/CAPP system of independent knowledge property rights has implemented the achievements, applying on domestic garment enterprises.


“Clothing Product Development” field of the specialty admit international students as well. Learn about Fashion Design, Clothing Material, Pattern Design, Clothing CAD, Draping, Clothing Making Technology,Clothing Retail and other forms of study area. In some design courses, the students will be trained the skills of design after learning elementary knowledge by teacher. The interaction between teacher and students are created by works evaluation and exhibitions. The series courses of Appreciation and Practice of Chinese traditional culture: Chinese Traditional Painting Styling, Chinese Traditional Line-drawing Styling, Chinese Traditional Lacquer-painting Styling, Chinese Traditional Ceramic Art Modeling, Chinese Qi-pao Making, Apparel Arts and Crafts, can lead the students to obtain the traditional Chinese skills and grasp Chinese culture, arts and aesthetic deeply.


The specialty offers the fashion design studio,the work station of clothing digital design, clothing assembling room, fashion show hall, exhibition room and material test lab to compose the practice base in the university. Besides, out the university, the practice base is set up in domestic famous textile or clothing films, to form the educational mode of interacting with enterprise.The students can get in more technology of Chinese clothing manufacturing and the trend of clothing market via some practices such as Chinese Folk Art Investigation, Clothing Enterprise Visiting and Attending Trade Shows in the study semester.


Main Courses
Human ergonomics
Clothing materials
Clothing materials test
Basic knowledge of Computer application
Clothing comfort
Enterprise management  
History of fashion
Computer aided drawing
Pattern design principles
Fashion design basis
Clothing renderings
Fashion for draping
Technology of clothing manufacture
Clothing product planning
Pattern making for woman's wear
Pattern making for man's wear
Computer aide pattern design
Techniques of pattern grading
Apparel product design and making
Fashion retailing
Brand design
Sweater knitting
Handicraft art for fashion
Fashion photography
SPSS for data statistics and analysis

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