Business Administration


To bring up professional expertise with modern management, economics, law, marketing, technical and economic relevant basic theoretical knowledge, who is familiar with the market economy, and master management work required planning, decision making, organizing, leading, controlling and innovation and so on basic skills and be capable of analyzing and solving problems with good overall quality and professional spirit. So that they can work in all kinds of enterprises, institutions and other non-profit organizations engaged in business management, marketing management, and technology economics and management and other related work.


II.Requirement for the graduates
The students mainly study management, economics and business management and other management relevant basic theory and basic knowledge, be trained by enterprise management methods and skills who can analyze and solve problem about business management.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:
① master modern enterprise management, marketing management, technology economics and management of the basic theory and basic knowledge;
② master modern management concepts, methods and tools related to business management and have the basic skills;
③ be familiar with domestic and international laws, regulations, practices and policies;
④ has some humanities and social knowledge, strong expression, analytical and problem solving basic business management capabilities;
⑤ be able to engage in the use of English and computer to do the research in the field of business management and transaction processing;
⑥ have the ability to learn the theory and practice of corporate governance developments


III.Period of Study
Four years.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


V. Strength
  Experienced faculties in academic and practice, rich resources of case study and professional laboratory, based on Chinese situation Entrepreneurship Education, face to business operation globalization.


Main Courses
Introduction to Business Administration
Principles of Management
Strategic  Management
Finance Management
Management Communication
Organizational Behavior
Entrepreneurship in China
Market Research
Human Resource Management
Network Marketing
Operations Management
Cost Accounting and Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Management
Management Information System

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