International Economy and Trade


The objective of the major design is to train foreign trade-oriented and comprehensive talents who are not only understand the basic theories and skills but can also put what have learnt into reality and solve real problems. The objective fully reflect the spirit of the ‘firm in theory foundation; versatile in skills’,featured with students’ familiarity with know-how on engineering. Based on the above spirit, students in the major will have various options to take when choosing courses they are interested in. The advanced highly-simulated, interactive labs and training programs are available to all the students in the major, which nicely bridge the difference between the domestic and the global, the school and enterprises, the in-class and the after-class, simulation and practice.

Graduates will be furnished with the following knowledge and capabilities: Learn fundamental theories and knowledge of international economics and trade. Learn the theories and policies of international economics and trade; be familiar with related regulations and rules in the international trade; understand the economic development and trade policies in main countries and regions; and be familiar with China’s foreign trade policies and strategies. Be able to handle various cases in international trade by using basic knowledge and skills. Be able to apply theories into practice, featured with textile trade skills. Have a good command of English good enough to handle international correspondence and be able to participate in trade negotiation, and be good at E-commerce.

Each year, about 95% of the graduates find their satisfactory jobs and are warmly welcomed in different enterprises like state-operated companies, foreign trade enterprises, large stated-owned enterprises, foreign-owned companies and  international trade departments in financial sections and so on, mainly engaged in trade economy analysis, international

marketing, international business and decision-making research.

The period of schooling is 4 years. Bachelor of Economics will be granted to the qualified graduate. The major has the right to confer Master Degree of Economics.


Main Courses
Money and banking
Theory of management
Introduction to economic majors
International Finance
International economics
Public finance
International trade
International trade practice
International economic coorperation
International settlement
International laws of commerce
International marketing
Intermediate microeconomics
Intermediate macroeconomics
Economic forecasts
multinational operation
Maritime law
International trade insurance
Customs clearance procedures
International cargo transportation and agency

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