Textile Engineering


This programme at Tianjin Polytechnic University was established in 1912. With a long history and obvious advantages, the programme offers bachelor , master, and doctorate degrees. “Textile Science and Engineering” is a national key discipline. Textile Engineering programme is a national characteristic specialty, which boasts “Advanced Textile Composite Material Laboratory”- a key laboratory of the ministry of education, and other high level research bases. The programme, through a long-time construction, has formed a research orientation with distinctive characteristics made an outstanding achievement, such as advanced textile composite material, functional and intelligent fabrics, interface processing of textile material. The programme has won 2 second prize of Nation Award for Progress in Science and Technology, and more than twenty provincial and ministerial prizes over the past 3 years.


The programme has three subjects’ direction, including textile engineering, knitting and knitwear, testing, and business administration of textiles. It is also built with textile testing center, textile CAD center and textile engineering practice base which is equipped with various kinds of advanced processing devices and testing instruments. In addition, o ff-campus practice center run with prestigious textile enterprises home and broad has been founded, which builds an interactive teaching model between college and enterprises by finishing programs and joining in the internship and intra-industry matches.


An energetic faculty of 56 with sound teaching and research capability is in charge of this programme, among whom there are 19 professors and 20 associate professors. Students’ theoretical basis, engineering ability and overall quality are particularly valued. The faculty has achieved 1 national characteristic specialty, 2 national teaching teams, 2 national quality curriculums, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 4 Tianjin Municipal quality curriculums and 2 first prize of Tianjin Municipal Teaching Achievement Award. Besides, more than 20 types of course books and reference books have been published.


This programme aims to cultivate versatile high-level technical personnel with solid theoretical basis and international view, with creative mind and strong practical ability and mastering professional knowledge of modern textile engineering. The students are competent at design of textile technology, design and development of textiles, textile manufacturing management and quality control, textile trade and test, and other high-tech research on textile. Students of this programme should fulfill four-year undergraduate education, and the ones who are academically qualified are granted bachelor of engineering.


Main Courses:

Introduction to Textile
Engineering Drawing
Textile Chemistry
Basis of Mechanical Design
Electrotechnics&Electronic Technic
Literature retrieval and paper writing
Brand Design
Textile Materials
Textile Materials Experiment
Basic textile design
Dyeing and Finishing
Fabric Designing and Processing
Textile CAD
Technical Textiles
Clothing Design and Production
Textile Marketing and Trade
Economic and Technical Laws
International Management System
Textile composites
Optimization design and analysis of experiment
Enterprise Management and Technical&Economic Analysis

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