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Zhao Hong, professor, vice President of TJPU. Excellent Participant of “ Five the First” of Tianjin.
In recent years, she led and participated in over 30 vertical projects, in the National Social Science Funds program, the Soft Science Planning program by National Science and Technology Ministry, the Humanity and Social Science Program by National Education Ministry, the National Culture and Fine Art Program during the Eleventh five-year Planning period, the National Education program during the Eleventh five-year planning period, the Tianjin Philosophical and Social Science Program, the Tianjin Education Planning Program during the Eleventh five-year period, the Tianjin Science and technology Development Program and others.


Lecture courses:
international trade practice


Research Interesting areas:
Industry economic and trade, especially the textile trade and the industry economic research in Circle-Bohai region.


Representative publications:
1. Industry Development in Circle-Bohai region China economic publishing house 2008.1
2. Sustainable development in science and technology innovation - An Empirical Study of the Binhai New Area Science and Technology Press
3. The Background Analysis of the Development and Opening-up of Tianjin Binhai New Area     
4. Analysis of Implementation Effect of Increasing the Export Tax Refund Rate of China's Textiles
5.  Research on the international competitiveness in China’s textile and clothing industries based on rough set
6. The analysis about the macroscopic and microcosmic factors of affecting the insurance industry’s development in China0   
7. Analysis of the Relation Between Financial Development and Economy Growth in BinHai New Area Based on the Time Series Model