ZHANG Xuehua

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ZHANG Xuehua



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Master of Peking university, doctor and post doctor of Tianjin university, professor Xuehua Zhang is the head of the discipline direction of Regional Economies,the head of the research group of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of TJPU, andthe head of the teaching group of Economics Statistics. She is also in charge of the department of Environmental Economics.  
For the recent 5 years, she hosts the National Social Foundation of China “Full carbon efficiency and regional ecological economics evaluation”, the sub project no.2 “Green water and the optimal input point search based on Game Balance” of the Key Project of National Social Foundation of China ”the research of collaborative development of municipal water use and the protection of basin water ecological environment”, as well as more than 10 projects in provincial level and direct services to regional construction.


The undergraduate courses:
microeconomics, environmental economics, resources, environment and development economics, regional economics, forecasting and so on.


The postgraduate course:
regional economic planning.


Research Interesting areas:
low-carbon economy, decision-making and regional economic planning, sustainable development, game theory and practice.


Representative publications:
1. Xuehua Zhang, Hongwei Zhang and Huaichen Guo. The planing and evaluation method of Ecological City. Tianjin:Tianjin University Press, 2013.
2. Hongwei Zhang and Xuehua Zhang,Green water and flexible water supply system in the view of cooperation game.
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