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Professor Weixi Zhang received her doctor's degree from Tianjin University in 2006 and used to be a post-doctoral of Nankai University from 2006 to 2008.She is also a national registered consulting engineer (Investment).


Teaching Courses:
(1)Industrial economics; (2)Regional economics; (3)Economics; (4)Regional industry economic analysis; (5)Technical economics; (6)Business mathematics


Scientific Research:
(1)Regional vulnerability analysis;
(2)Regional innovation and urbanization;
(3)Science and technology business incubators;
(4)Marine economy and the mechanism of scientific and technological achievement’s transformation


Published Works:
(1)Regional vulnerability and system recovery mechanism;
(2)Study on Performance of Technology Incubators in Tianjin Based on Input-output Efficiency;
(3)A Case Research on Vulnerability of logistics system in the Tianjin port;
(4)Study on Assessment of Tianjin Binhai New Area’s Comprehensive Competitiveness;
(5)Research and analysis on the coordinated development between modern logistics and urban agglomerations based on the comparison of the Yangtze river delta and the Beijing-tianjin-hebei urban group;
(6)Study on Evaluation of Developing Vulnerability in the Coastal Zone of Hebei Province;
(7)The Case Study on Vulnerability of Region Economy and Society;

(8)Research on the contribution to the city carrying capacity of the modern service industry –take tianjin for a example;

(9) Main Reasons Causing Chinese Agricultural Crisis in 1959-1961: Quantitative Test on Yifu Lin’s Hypothesis;
(10) The financial feasibility study on Chinese agricultural investment project.