HAN Boyin


HAN Boyin







Graduated from Xia Men University,professor Boyin Han has been working in Tianjin Polytechnic University since 2006. He has published more than 200 papers as well as more than 20 monographs and teaching materials. The main courses has been teaching are International Finance,Securities Investment, etc.


Scientific Research
1. National Soft Science Research Project: The Transformation of Economic Development Patterns and Financial Service Innovation Research. Ministry of Science and Technology 2007.8-2010.12, the host.
2. Hebei Province Soft Science Project: SMES Financing Law and Policy Research. 2004.4-2005.12, the host.
3. Hebei province education science “tenth five-year plan” subject: The Resource Utilization Efficiency and Potential Problems of Higher Education in Hebei Province, the host.
4. NLD Tianjin Municipal committee project: The Research of Upgrading the Industrial Structure of Binhai New Area and Personnel Training under U.S. Sub prime Mortgage Crisis, the host.
5. Prepare the Colleges and Universities Program Teaching Materials in the 21st century: International Finance. Peking University Press, the first author, 2008.
6. The Management and Innovation of Commercial Banks. China Popular Science Press, 2003.8, the first author.
7. International Finance. Peking University Press, the first author, 2012.
8. International Finance. China Machine Press, the Monograph, 2013.11.
9. Securities Investment. China Railway Publishing House, 2013.11.

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