CAO Mingfu

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CAO Mingfu



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Mingfu Cao, professor and Assistant Dean of the School of Economics, focuses on the studies of Intro-product Specialization and Multinational Corporations’ FDI. He teaches courses like International Economics, International Trade in TJPU and also gives lectures on Multinationals. He led or participated in more than ten projects, respectively supported by the National Social Science Funds, Youth Funds and others. Besides he has over 40 theses published in China Industrial Economics, Research on World Economics and other periodicals.


Main Journal Articles:
1. Benefit sources of the global value chain specialization: comparative advantage, scale advantage and price advantage, China Industrial Economy, 2005(10)
2. Interest analyses of absolute advantage and comparative advantage, China Industry Economy, 2006(6)
3. The global value chain specialization: from a country’s comparative advantage to the world comparative advantage, Research on Economy and Management, 2006(11)
4.Study on china’s specialization interest in the global value chain and countermeasures, Research on Modern Economy, 2008.12
5.Determinants of long-run carbon emission performance,   The Journal of Quantitative & Technical  Economics, 2010.8
6. Research on issues of promoting the coordination between foreign direct investment and China’s industrial structure, Research on Economy and Management, 2010.3
7. Benefits analysis of global value chains specialization of textile industry, Journal of Tianjin Polytechnic University, 2009(4)
8. The Status and Countermeasures of Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Enterprises, The  American  Scholars Press  
9. Effects of Changes in Exchange Interval on Benefits of International Trade  TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS IN CHINA :RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT,  2012.6  
10. Benefits of the global value chains specialization of textile industry    Proceedings of TNC