LIU Wenju


LIU Wenju
Professor, Master of Engineering






Graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Nankai University in 1985. Working at School of Computer in Tianjin Polytechnic University.


Research field:
Enterprise Information,Computer Network Security


Courses taught
Advanced Language Programming,Programming Methodology,Artificial Intelligence and Expert System etc.


Research projects:
1  Integrated security system and key technology of WLAN.  Science and technology research projects from science and technology commission of Tianjin.
2  The technology of data collection and monitoring in textile production.  Promotion projects of scientific and technological achievements from science and technology commission of Tianjin.
3  The system of information data collection ,monitoring and managing.  Enterprise cooperation project from Tianjin Textile Group.
4  The platform for textile production management based on distributed loom monitoring.  Science and technology guidance project from China Textile Industry Association.


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7. Song Peng, Wenju Liu. A Power-dependent Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network. WICOM 2012.P1-4, Shanghai, Sept, 2012.(EI: 20131616211804)
8. Hui Li, Wenju Liu. Task Graph Reduction Algorithm for Hardware/Software Partitioning. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol.17(No.2), Mar, 2012
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1.Second prize of science and technology of China Textile Industry Association:The development and application of integrated system for loom data collection and monitoring,in October 2009
2. Third prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress:Jet loom production data collection and monitoring system,in December 2008.
3. Second prize of Sangma science and technology:Textile Information data collection, monitoring and management system,in November 2008.

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