LI Hongqiang李鸿强

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LI Hongqiang

Vice dean, Center Laboratory Chief of Electronic and Information Engineering


Tel: +86-22-83955390
Fax: +86-22-83955164



He received the Ph.D. of engineering in 2011.His interests include the Communication and Information systems as well as the Photoelectron and Microelectronics. He is one of the researchers in China who studied the Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor and Integrated Optoelectronic Components. And he proposed to the principle of temperature measurement using distributed optoelectronic components and applied this system to clothing design. He is also the fellows of the Communication Society of China, EMC Society of Tianjin. He is also the expert reviewer of many famous journals, such as IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Optics Express, IEEE Sensors Journal, Optics and Photonics Letters, Circuits, Systems & Signal Processing, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, ActaOpticaSinica andelectro-magneticcompatibility.
At the same time, he holds or participates the Natural Science Foundation of China 6 times, provincial projects 10 times. As the first originator, he has applied for 18 national patents for inventions, in which 5 items have been authorized, including 3 utility model patents.


Courses taught:


SOC design and test, Elements of Information Theory, Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits(VLSI) Design, Complex Programmable Logic Device(CPLD), System on Chip(SOC), analog SMOS integrated circuit


Research Fields:


Semiconductor optoelectronic device and integrated microsystems
Fiber Bragg grating sensor
Principal and application of Micro/nano sensors
Multisensor information obtainment and processing


Publications in recent three years:

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