MIAO Changyun苗长云


MIAO Changyun

Director of state-owned resources office


Fax: +86-22-83955164
E-mail: miaochangyun@tjpu.edu.cn





He is the academic pacesetter of the 10th Five-Year Plan, the 11th Five-Year Plan and the 12th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin. He is also one of the leaders of “The highest priority disciplines of Tianjin”. He is the responsible person on advanced courses of communication theory and brand specialty of communication engineering. He has held the research projects 36 items, including the Natural Science Foundation of China 4 items and the provincial projects 18 items. He has published more than 180 academic papers, among which, 80 had been registered by the EI or SCI. He also has released 2 publications as well as 2 textbooks. He awarded the 1st prize 1 times and the 3rd prize 2 times on Tianjin Science and Technology Progress. In addition, he won the gold award on Liaoning scientific and technological invention. He is the vice chairman of Tianjin education committee on communication society and the number of the government academic degree committee. He is the vice president of electromagnetic compatibility society and standing director of information committee. He is the assessment expert of the state 863/975 projects of ministry of science and technology. He is the assessor of the Small and medium-sized enterprise innovation. He is the reviewer of the Journal on Communications and Chinese Journal of Electronics.


Courses taught:


modern communication theory, information compression and coding, signal analysis, introduction of communication.


Research Fields:


modern communication network and system, photoelectric detecting technique and system


Publications in recent three years:


[1] Enhanced light extraction of C-band on-chip LED by photonic crystals for arrayed waveguide grating demodulation integrated Microsystems. Laser Physics Letters, Vol. 9, No. 12, pp. 844-852, 2012.
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[7] Wavelength Demodulated Method of Fiber Bragg Grating for Human Temperature and Heart Sound Measuring. Chinese journal of lasers, Vol. 38, No. 12, 2011.
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[10] China patent: Automatic detection of Steel cord conveyor belts using X-ray imaging. No. ZL201010146881.X, Sep. 21, 2011.

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