TANG Chunming汤春明

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Chunming Tang




1990.9-1994.7, Bachelor of Engineering, image transmission & processing, Harbin Engineering University (HEU), China
2002.9-2006.5, Ph. D, Signal & Information Processing, HEU, China
2007.4 – 2009.4 Post Doc, Computer Science & Technology, Harbin Institute Technology University, China
2003.8-2004.9 Visitor Scholarship, Image Analysis & Processing, Uppsala University, Sweden
2006.2-2006.7 Visitor Scholarship, ECEE, Hertfordshire University, UK

1994.7- 2008.10, College of Information & Communication Engineering, assistant professor, lecture and associate Professor,HEU
2008.10- 2013.7, College of Information & Communication Engineering, professor, HEU
2013.7-present, school of Electronics and Information Engineering, professor, Tianjin Polytechnic University


Courses taught:


Circuit Theory (in Chinese and English)
Image Processing (in Chinese or in English)
Biological Characteristics and Pattern Recognition (in Chinese)


Research Fields:


For doctoral program students, one subject of material testing technology and system is available, including three branches: Material of Nondestructive Testing Theory & Method, Identification & Positioning of the Internal Defects, and the Performance Changes of the Quantitative Analysis Technology, such as fatigue damage.
For master program students, two subjects, Signal & Information Processing and Communication and information System are available, including three branches: Image Processing, Objects Identification & Tracking in Videos and Information Mining.

Publications in recent three years:


1. Yucui Liu, Chunming Tang. Inhibition of Marine Biological Holographic Diagonal Strip Noise. Journal of Optics, 2013, 33(8): 60-66
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