WANG Ping王萍

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Graduated from Tianjin University, be rewarded with the third prize of Tianjin Municipal Science and technology progress once. Participated in the completion of an item of National “863” project and the completion of National Science Foundation, have the main research of the completion of many projects for the small and medium sized enterprises innovation fund. As the first author, published more than 40 relevant papers on the core journals and the International Conference, 10 papers indexed by EI.


Main courses:


Sensor/Transducer and measuring Technique, Computer control technique, Electronic circuit CAD, The principle of automatic control.


Research fields:


Measuring technique and automatic instrument, Computer control theory and it’s application


Representative Productions:


1.Improving ADC resolution and signal-noise ratio by oversampling. Yi Qi Yi Biao Xue Bao/Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, Vol.23, 2002.(EI: 2003307563758).
2.WANG Ping, LI Xiao-jing, LU Jing-shan, Design of Capacitance Electromagnetic Flow Converter, dControl and Instruments In Chemical Industry, No.1, 2003.
3. Chen Xue-mei, WANG Ping, Application on the Drawing Machine of Clothing of Embedded System Based on 32-bit Microprocessor,  Computer Engineering and Applications, No.34,2004
4.Internal Model Control Based on RBF Neural Work: An Application for Fermentation Process (ICIMA,2010), Vol.1(EI :20103613215142).
5. Single Neuron Adaptive Control Based on Ant Colony Algorithm(ICICT, 2010). Vol.5(EI :20104413337942).
6.Optimization of fuzzy rule based on adaptive genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm. The 2010 International Conference on Computational and Information Sciences(ICCIS, 2010),(EI: 20111113739527).
7. Data Collection system of EEG Based on USB Interface, Modern Applied Science, No.4, 2007,.
8.WANG Ping, Wan Baikun, A precision method of ultrasonic distance measurement, Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument, Vol.21R,2007.
9.The Design and Implement of Improvement for Pointer MV-meter Display Mode, Modern Applied Science, Vol.2, No.4, July 2008.
10.The Way to Control the Flux in Sulfuric Acid Producing, Modern Applied Science, Vol.2, No.6, November 2008.