SHI Wuxi师五喜

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SHI Wuxi


TEL: +86 -22- 83955415
FAX: +86-22- 2283955415



Graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Presided over the completion of National Natural Science Foundation; presided over the completion of Tianjin city application foundation and cutting-edge technology research program. As the first author, published more than 50 relevant papers on the core journals and the International Conference, 36 papers have been indexed by EI/ SCI.


Main courses:


automatic control principle; modern control theory; intelligent control; linear system theory


Research fields:


predictive control, adaptive fuzzy control


Representative Productions:


1. Wuxi Shi ,Stable adaptive fuzzy control for MIMO nonlinear systems, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2011, 62(7):2843-2853.
2.SHI Wu-Xi, the Explicit Solution to Diophantine Equation in Generalized Predictive Control, ACTA Automatica Sinica,2006, 32(1):148-163.
3.SHI Wu-Xi, Huo Wei, Wu Hong-Xin, Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Predictive Control for a Class of Unknown Nonlinear Discrete Systems, ACTA Automatica Sinica, 2004, 30(5): 664-670.
4.SHI Wu-Xi, Explicit solution of Diophantine matrix polynomial equations in generalized predictive control, Control Theory & Applications, 2007, 24(2).
5. SHI Wu-Xi, Huo Wei, Wu Hong-Xin, Direct adaptive fuzzy predictive control of flexible structure based on characteristic model, Control Theory & Applications,  2005,22(10): 677-681.
6.SHI Wu-xi, Indirect Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a Class of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems, Journal of systems  engineering and electronics,2008,19(6):1203-1207.
7. SHI Wu-Xi, Nonlinear Adaptive Fuzzy Predictive Control Based on Tracking Error Adjustment, Control and Decision, 2006, 21(3): 297-299.