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Granted a doctor degree on power electronics and electric drive in Tianjin University. Be honored as the second prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award, Tianjin “May 1st” Labor Medal, the scholarship and research grants of Sangma Foundation of Hong Kong and a honorary title of “Faculty Vanguard Sentry” of Tianjin. Devote myself to teaching and carrying on scientific researches and have been teaching seven undergraduate specialized courses and two graduate courses. There are two coursewares awarded as the second prize of Tianjin Courseware Competition. Hold a general program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and an project of Institute-built Science & Technology Development Foundation of Tianjin. Accomplish one key project in each of National 863 Special Programs on vehicle and Science & Technology Support Program of Tianjin as a chief-presenter. Have published over 40 academic articles, in which fifteen of which are indexed by EI.


Main courses:


electric drive control system; power electronics technology; motor control technology; power supply technology; electric motor & drives; computer detection & control system


Research fields:


power electronics and electric drive

Representative Productions:


1. Simulation of SRD based on neural net nonlinear model, Yan Cai; Zhenlin Xu; Chao Gao. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, 2006, 21( 8), p 25-30, August
2. Building of a nonlinear model of switched reluctance motor by BP neural networks, Yan Cai; Zhenlin Xu; Chao Gao. Journal of Tianjin University Science and Technology, 2005, 38(10), p 869-873
3. Detection and its application of real-time rotor position with highprecision for switched reluctance motor drive, Yan Cai; Yanbin Wen, Chenhui Wang, Shaoxiong Fan, Wentao Jiang. Applied Mechanics and Materials, v 415, p 227-231, 2013, Automatic Control and Mechatronic Engineering II
4. Torque ripple minimization in switched reluctance motor based on BP neural network, Yan Cai; Chao Gao; 2007 Second IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, p 1198-1202
5. Nonlinear modeling for switched reluctance motor by measuring flux linkage curves
Yan Cai; Qingxin Yang; Lihua Su; Yanbin Wen; Yiming You. Proceedings-2010 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Technology, v 6, p V647-V651, 2010,
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