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Vice dean of EEA School

Tel: +86 -22-83955489
FAX: +86-22-83955415
E-mail: zhangmu @tjpu.edu.cn




Graduated from Tianjin Polytechnic University, be rewarded with the third prize of Tianjin Municipal Science and technology progress 4 times. Be rewarded with the second prize of China Textile Association of Science and Technology Award twice. Presided and accomplish the key projects of National 973 Special Programs. And presided over the national key technology R&D program and Tianjin key technology R&D program. Published many relevant papers on the core journals and the International Conference, some of those indexed by EI and SCI, authored 3 monographs.


Main courses:


professional introduction to automation, the basis of computer software technology, power electronic technology, factory electrical control for undergraduates, based on system engineering for post-graduates.


Research fields:


intelligent equipment and control, industrial process measurement & control, fault diagnosis for dynamic system

Representative Productions:

1. PLC Application Example & Program Interpretation. Electronic Industry Press  Chief-editor
2. Application Example of Common transducer. Electronic Industry Press  Deputy-editor
3. The foundation and Realization of Expert System. Tianjin University Press  Third author
4. A novel color recognition modeling method for bobbin sorting machine. 2013
5. Multiple SVMs Modelling Method for Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformers. PRZEGLAD ELEKTROTECHNICZNY.
6. Neural Network Based Color Recognition for Bobbin Sorting Machine. TELKOMNIKA,2013.
7. Sizing percentage prediction based on hybrid intelligence method. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology,2012, 2040-7459.