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SONG Limei
Vice Dean of E.E. & A. School

Tel: +86-22-83955633
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Graduated from Tianjin University, be rewarded with the third prize of Tianjin Municipal Science and technology progress twice (all ranks first). Presided over the completion of two projects of National Natural Science Foundation; presided over the completion of Sichuan Province Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars ; presided over the completion of Tianjin city application foundation and cutting-edge technology research program , have the main research of the completion of two projects for the small and medium sized enterprises innovation fund . Has eight authorized patents, nine licensing of software copyright. As the first author, published more than 60 relevant papers on the core journals and the International Conference, 10 papers have been indexed by SCI, 35 papers indexed by EI.


Main courses:


pattern recognition, machine vision, C language, professional English, Single-chip microcomputer and intelligent instruments


Research fields:


image processing, pattern recognition, 3D reconstruction, reverse engineering


Representative Productions:

1. Limei Song, Yulan Chang, Jiangtao Xi, Qinghua Guo, Xinjun Zhu, XiaoJie Li,Phase unwrapping method based on multiple fringe patterns without use of equivalent wavelengths,optics communications,355(2015):213-224,2015 (SCI、EI)
2. Limei Song, Yulan Chang,Zongyan Li,Pengqiang Wang,Guangxin Xing,Jiangtao Xi,Application of global phase filtering method in multi frequency measurement,Optics Express.22(11), pp:13641–13647 (2014)
3. Limei Song, Zongyan Li, Yulan Chang,GuangXin Xing,PengQiang Wang,Jiangtao Xi,TengDa Zhu,A color phase shift profilometry for the fabric defect detection,OPTOELECTRONICS LETTERS, 2014,10(4):0308-0312(EI:20145200368140)
4. SONG Li-mei , LI Da-peng, CHANG Yu-lan,XI Jiang-tao,GUO Qing-hua,Steering knuckle diameter measurement based on optical 3D scanning,OPTOELECTRONICS LETTERS,2014,10(6):0473-0476(E:20145200370505)
5. Limei Song, Guangxin Xing, Pengqiang Wang,Jiangtao Xi,and Qinghua Guo,A 3D Measurement method based on Three frequencies PSP,Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol:701-702 (2015) pp 471-474
6. SONG Li-mei, WANG Peng-qiang, CHANG Yu-lan,LI Xiao-jie,XI Jiang-tao,GUO Qing-hua, LI Bing-nan,A non-contact real-time measurement of lamp dimension based on machine vision,OPTOELECTRONICS LETTERS,2015,11(2):0145-0148。(EI:20151200652066)
7. SONG Li-mei,  LI Zong-yan, Chen Chang-man,XI Jiang-tao,GUO Qing-hua, LI Xiao-jie,A correction method of color projection fringe in 3D measurement,OPTOELECTRONICS LETTERS,2015,3(11),1-5(EI: 20153001076217)
8. Limei Song, Xiaoxiao Dong, Jiangtao Xi, Yanguang Yu, Chaokui Yang. A New Phase Unwrapping Algorithm Based On Three Wavelength Phase Shift Profilometry Method. Optics & Laser Technology, 45(2013):319-329.
9. Limei Song, Changman Chen, Zhuo Chen, Jiangtao Xi, Yanguang Yu. Essential Parameters Calibration for the 3D Scanner Using Only Single Camera and Projector, OPTOELECTRONICS LETTERS, 2013, 9(2): 0143-0147.
10. SONG Li-Mei, ZHANG Chun-Bo, WEI Yi-Ying, CHEN Hua-Wei,Technique for calibration of chassis components based on encoding marks and machine vision metrology, OPTOELECTRONICS LETTERS, 2011,7 (1): 61-64

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