Sejong School of Paichai University Inaugurated in Tianjin Polytechnic University


Sejong School of Paichai University was inaugurated in Tianjin Polytechnic University in No.5 meeting room of schools conference center on October 20th, 2015. Yang Jidi, Deputy Secretary of Party of Tianjin Polytechnics University and Song Jingxian, vice president of Paichai University attended the ceremony and unveiled the nameplate together. Representatives and academic leaders from Office of International Communication and Cooperation, School of Economics and School of Computer Science and Software Engineering attended the ceremony and meeting as well.

The ceremony started with the welcome speech by Yang Jidi. He first extended the warm welcome to a 12-member delegation headed by Song Jingxian from Paichai University. Then he reviewed the friendship and cooperation between two universities in past years and expressed his expectations about declaration of Sejong School and China-Korea cooperative educational institutions. In the acknowledge address of Song Jingxian, she expressed her sincere gratitude for thoughtfularrangements of this visit and highly appreciated exchange achievements in the past years. She hoped both universities take the opportunity of establishing together the Sejong School, Confucius Institute and China-Korea joint educational institution to create a new prospect of exchange and cooperation.

Next, Yang Jidi and Song Jingxian unveiled the nameplate together, exchanged souvenirs and took a group photo. As the second one in Tianjin, Sejong School in Tianjin Polytechnic University was authorized by Korea Culture Ministry in August and opened the class in September. Currently, 39 students were enrolled. The aim of Sejong School is to realize the diversity of language and culture by enhancing the cultural exchangesbetween Korea and other countries. The school also provides a new platform for students in our school to master Korean before studying in Korea.

After the unveiling ceremony, the academic meeting was held. Twenty professors from Paichai University, and School of Economics and School of Computer Science and Software Engineering of Tianjin Polytechnics University (ten from each) attended the meeting. At the meeting, Professors from Paichai University delivered speeches about talent training and management of foreign students. Professor Li Shusheng also conducted a speech about the disciplinary development and talents cultivation system in the School of Economics. By this seminar, the international perspective and academic level of relevant disciplines in our university will be expanded and advanced byalargemargin.

The delegation also visited Institute of Jingwu Industrial Science and Technology, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University History Museum and library. Jiang Yaming, Director of Office of International Communication and Cooperation, Zhu Chunhong, Dean of School of Economics, Chen Shufa, Secretary of School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Yun Jintian, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Office and Yao Lixin, Deputy Curator accompanied the visit. Before the visit, vice-president Cheng Bowen had met the delegation and fully exchanged views about cooperation between two universities.

Paichai University is our first Korean sister university and the cooperation between two universities stared from 2002. The past 13 years witnesses the significant improvement in aspects of student and teacher exchange and research cooperation. Up to 2015, the number of exchange students of two universities reaches more than 500 through 3+1 project, bachelor degree project and master degree project. The number of visiting teachers is more than 230, which forms a solid foundation for academic exchange and cooperation of two universities. At present, Paichai University is the most popular friendly university for our students based on its numerous exchange projects and frequent exchange visits. Thus, Paichai University will continue to be one of the most important cooperative universities in the future.

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