Law - Bachelor/Master degree


The professional training system aims at cultivating senior applied law talents who master the legal theory and legal thinking ability, who are familiar with China's legal institutions and norms, who can use the legal theories and methods to analyze and solve practical problems, and who are competent for related work.


Its characteristic is adhering to the application of law education mode which insists on the practice-oriented learning, linking theory with practice, highlighting the ethics and skills training, emphasizing on the practical skill training, and seeking the improvement of the working ability.


Core Courses

The Constitutional Law, Chinese Legal History, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Administrative Law, Private International Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law, Labor And Social Security Law, Environmental And Resources Law, Economic Law, International Economic Law.


Broadcasting & TV Journalism -Bachelor degree


It is based on the inherent laws in journalism, according to the real needs and future prospect of the development of the radio and TV industry. It aims at training the radio and television applied talents who have extensive cultural knowledge, cute social observation ability, broad international vision and skilled professional skills. These talents can engage in interviewing, news reports, filming, editing, planning, presiding, planning and management.etc.


Core Courses:

News communication, Communication, Chinese And Foreign History Of Journalism And Communication, Radio And TV Program Editing And Production, News Broadcast, TV News Writing, Television Camera, Introduction To Radio And Television, Broadcasting And Television Technique, Television Programming, Introduction To Radio And Television Works, Introduction To The Communication Law


Editing of Radio and Television - Bachelor degree


It aims at training advanced applied talents who have the professional knowledge of broadcasting and television program planning, creating and producing, who have theoretical knowledge and art appreciation ability, who can engage in radio and television program planning, writing, editing, producing, writing, sound designing.etc.

Core Courses:

Introduction to Radio and Television, Program Planning, Audio-Visual Language, Non-linear Editing, Chinese and Foreign History of Broadcast Television, Chinese and Foreign History of Film, TV Play, Movies on Television, TV Program Producing, Television Camera, TV Lighting, Photographic Art and Technology, the Technological Foundation of Technology of Radio and Television, Communication, Television Directing

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