Mathematics and Applied Mathematics -Bachelor/Master Degree


At the foundation of this major are solid mathematical thinking and training, rich theory and methods of applied mathematics and knowledge of computer software. Students are supposed to receive the training in the following aspects: applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, computer software and mathematical software research and development. Students are trained to master the basic theories and methods of mathematics, thus to possess the ability to use mathematical knowledge and software development to solve practical problems in scientific research and teaching.The graduates of the major are supposed to beengaged in teaching, application, research and development and management in the field of science and technology, education, economy, finance, management and IT companies and other departments. Students are also encouraged to pursue the graduate education.


This major is the fundamental subjects. It is called the “parent subject “of other related majors. Whether it is for scientific data analysis, software development, animation, finance and insurance, international economy and trade, business management, or chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, communication engineering, architectural design, the knowledge of mathematics is always a prerequisite. A closer relation between the applied mathematics and other related majors always means a broader and more prosperous application prospects.


The core courses of this major are: mathematical analysis, advanced algebra, geometry, probability theory and mathematical statistics, ordinary differential equations, complex variable function, real variable function, functional analysis, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, operations research, optimization, data mining, modern algebra, point set topology.


The length of schooling ofthis major is four years.

Applied Statistics -Bachelor/Master degree


Statistics is the science and art of collecting and analyzing data. It is to mine information through the data and explore the law, and to predict the unknown. The purpose of this specialized major is to make the industrial and agricultural production, as wellthe enterprise management more refined, promote efficiency, and to realize high quality and low cost production and management mode. Nowadays there are more and more demands to talents for data analysis in society.

The graduates of applied statistics will have a very good career prospect.


Education Requirements: The students mainly study the statistics, basic theory and methods of data processing. What’s more, through data analysis, using statistical methods and SAS, SPSS, R statistical software to build statistical model, so as to grasp the basic principles of modern statistics, the basic model and the main statistical analysis techniques, possess excellent quality of statistical applications, strong data collection, collation, analysis and development capabilities. The main professional goal is training of specialized personnel for national statistical systems, social surveys, consulting and information industry, finance and insurance industries, economic management departments, government agencies, companies, factories and mines as well as education and research institutions. The one who has a good mathematical foundation and a foundation of expertise in economics, and could embark on survey expertise, quality information management, data analysis, risk assessment and so on. The graduates can continue to pursue a graduate degree in statistics, but also suitable in mathematics, finance, economic management and information graduate.


Major Courses Offered: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Differential Equation, Real Variable Function, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Sampling Investigation,Application of Random Process, The Application of Regression Analysis, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Computing and Software, Statistical Forecasting and Decision-making, Statistical Modeling, Experiment Design, Data Mining, Nonparametric Statistics, Economics , Interest Theory, Insurance, Life Insurance Actuarial Science, Risk Theory, Securities Investment, etc.


The length of schooling of this major is four years.


Applied Physics


The applied physics major provides education and training in fundamental physics, in detection and sensing, with an emphasis on the teaching of basic knowledge and special technology in the development and utilization of new energy and light display and basic knowledge and skills in computer applications. We have, over the years, developed systematic approaches that effectively implemented our teaching objectives and our program has competitive advantages in detection and sensing, new energy and light display, optoelectronic materials and devices. This major has two specialties:


1. Detection and sensing. -Bachelor degree


This specialty teaches the students in the basic knowledge of physics as a solid background. It emphasizes applications in the image sensor technology, the principle and application of sensor, nondestructive examination and sensing, curriculum design and other related professional knowledge. The students in the specialty will master basic skills of nondestructive detection and sensor design and applications. We provide them with a solid training in the foundations of physics, and make them acquire basic skills in the detection and sensing technology. Students graduated from this specialty can work in detection and sensing and other related fields or pursue related scientific research, teaching, technology development and related management work. They can also choose to pursue graduate studies in this specialty.


2. New energy and light display. Bachelor/Master degree


This specialty provides students with the basic knowledge of physics as a solid background, and prepare them for work in such directions as renewable energy, technical training in energy consumption and conservation, and environmental protection. We teach them basic theory and technology knowledge regarding the design of renewable energy and new energy equipment, optimization in energy consumption, innovation and management. Based on the optoelectronic technology, optoelectronics, optical display and other professional knowledge, we cultivate students' basic skills and ability in research and development of optical display design and related devices and systems. Students graduated from this specialty can work in new energy development, in design, development and management work in their related specialty or other related fields or pursue related scientific research. They can also choose to pursue graduate studies in this specialty.


This major is a four-year undergraduate program.


Optoelectronic information science and technology -Bachelor degree


The photoelectric information science and technology major belongs to the School of Science of Tianjin Polytechnic University. It was established in 2002. In 2011, it was approved to be a major related to the Tianjin strategic emerging industry. Each year, enrollment is about 100 students.


This major emphasizes professional training in optics, optoelectronics, electronic science and technology, computer applications and other disciplines. We provide education in the basic theory, professional knowledge and skills in photoelectric detection, optical communication, machine vision, laser processing, photoelectric functional materials and devices, new energy and circuit design in the fields of teaching, scientific research, product development, production technology and management work.


Since the establishment of this major, it gradually formed two specialties: optoelectronic detection and optoelectronic functional materials and devices.


This major is a four-year undergraduate program.

Information and Computer Science – Bachelor/Master degree


The students in the department are required to learn the knowledge about mathematics and software development based on software and information service industry. The students are to be equipped with sound mathematical foundation and mathematical thinking ability, and have specialties on algorithm design, software development and information security. They are well qualified to engage in science and technology, education, information and economic industry, or continue to pursue master or doctor degree.The specialty has close relationship with Tianjin’s strategic emerging industry, which have two major fields: “algorithm and software design” and “information security”. The students learn the basic theory and methods in mathematics, computer and information science, receive the training of mathematic model, algorithm analysis, program design and software development. They not only improve their scientific literacy, but also grasp the ability in applied mathematics, algorithm design and software development. The graduates have the advantage in program design and software, and meet the requirements of project development in the industries.


The length of schooling of this major is four years.

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