The School of Science was founded in 2000. It has seven departments, two centers and two research institutes: the departments of foundational mathematics, pure and applied mathematics, information and computation science, applied statistics, foundational physics, applied physics, optoelectronic information science and engineering ; the physics experiment center, the mathematical experiment center; the institute of physics and the institute of mathematics. The School has five undergraduate majors: applied mathematics, information and computation science, optical-electrical information science and engineering, applied physics and applied statistics. It has three first level disciplines authorized to grant master degrees: mathematics, physics and statistics. It is also responsible for teaching mathematics and physics courses university-wide.


The School has 139 faculty and staff members; 17 of them are professors, 50 are associate professors and 72 have obtained doctorate degrees. They have outstandingly fulfilled their teaching and other duties and achieved great accomplishments in academic research. Two faculty members were awarded “Outstanding Teachers of the Country”, two were recognized as “Renowned Teachers in Tianjin” and three were recognized as “Excellent Teachers in Tianjin”. Three teachers were recognized as “Role Models in Teaching in Tianjin”. One teacher was recognized as “Model Worker in Tianjin”. Two teachers were awarded “May 1 Labor Medal in Tianjin”.


The School has three “Top Quality Courses in Tianjin”: University Physics, Advanced Mathematics and Linear Algebra. The physics experiment center is an experimental teaching demonstration center of Tianjin. The “University Mathematics Teaching Team” is recognized as the teaching innovation team in Tianjin. Information and computation science, and optoelectronic information science and engineering were named “Tianjin Strategic Emerging Industries Related Disciplines”. Six people have won the first prize in the Tianjin Young Teachers Basic Teaching Skills Competition”. Eight people have won the second and third prizes. They have guided the students in the national college students' mathematical modeling competition, the national college students' mathematical contest and have achieved outstanding results. In math and physics competitions, our students are among the best in Tianjin. Since 2000, our faculty members have presided over 7 national and Tianjin educational reform projects, won the second prize of the “National Teaching Accomplishment Prize” two times, and the “Tianjin Teaching Accomplishment Prize”9 times, of which 4 are first prizes and 5 are second prizes.


In research, the School of Science faculty members have, in the past five years, 26 projects funded by the national natural science foundation. 500 of their research papers have been indexed by SCI, EI, ISTP. Five of Professor Y.-H. Yao’s papers have been recognized as the “Internationally Most Influential Papers in China”. The School has 29 master degree advisers, two distinguished chair professors in Tianjin, and a distinguished chair professor moved in from another province. In nonlinear functional analysis, nonlinear system control theory and application, the nonlinear vibration theory and application, biological mathematics, statistics, new multi-functional materials and devices, optoelectronic materials microstructure simulation research, quantum information and computation, ultrafast laser technology, strongly associated electronic systems, our research have achieved recognition nation-wide with its unique characteristics.

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