The English program

Initiated in Autumn, 2000, the English program aims to bring out talents embedded with comprehensive English skills, profound knowledge on English linguistics and literature and on humanities and science, as well as certain academic research ability.

The core courses include: Comprehensive English, Advanced English, Readings of English Journals and Newspapers, English Listening, Audio-Visual-Oral English, Oral English, English Writing, Translation Theory and Practice, Introduction to English Linguistics, Selected Readings of British and American Literature, Academic Paper Writing.


The Japanese program

Starting in Autumn, 2006, the Japanese program has been in constant efforts to cultivate the students to be professionals and talents, skilled in Japanese, profound in culture and science, and competent for jobs in most walks of life.

The main courses are: Basic Japanese, Advanced Japanese, Audio-Visual-Oral Japanese, Japanese Linguistic Theories, Japanese Grammar, Japanese Writing, Extensive Reading in Japanese, Translation Theory and Practice, History of Japanese Literature, Selected Readings of Japanese Literature, Japanese Folk and Culture, International Social Etiquette.


MA program in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

The MA program was authorized in 2005 and launched in 2007, with five specialties: Linguistics, British and American Literature, Teaching English as Foreign Language, Translatology, Japanese Language and Culture.

The main courses include: Basics of Linguistics, Introduction to Translatology, Introduction to British and American Literature, Practical Translation Skills, Syntax, Social Linguistics, Studies on Western Translation Theories, TEFL Theories, Psychology in TEFL, British and American Short Novels.


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