Fashion Design


1. Research on the theory and application of fashion design

The research is focused on the theoretical research of the dress culture, fashion trends, clothing construction and techniques, fashion shaping, and discusses the practical vale and meaning of theoretical research results.

2. Research on dying and pattern design of fabric materials and fiber arts

Through the analysis and creation, fiber arts and expression improve the design value of the fabric, develop the variation of fabric design and advance the innovation of fashion design.

3. Research on fashion brand and strategy

The research consists of Clothing product planning, clothing marketing, brand design and brand management.


Visual Communication Design


1. Visual communication design research on preliminary theories to explore the expression of design language. It’s provide the possibility of graphic design in multi-dimensional prospective that developing the transboundary of design conception and trying to combine multiple visual performance with innovative design like two-dimensional space into three or four dimensions.

2. The research concentrate on methods that guide students to pay attention not only to the design process, and but should focus on absorbing the information before the design and audience experience after the design. Meanwhile, it will comprehensively analyze Symbol, Environment Audience, Behavior, and Medium to form visual information, and convey the effect and influence.

3. The research emphasizes on theory and practice that catering to the market demanding. With the incorporation of theory research, practical design and innovative capacity, the students can be qualified to work on professional creativity development, design practices and marketing proposals.


Public Design and Art


1. Art theory research from the public art history, public aesthetic theory and artists, to fostering urban culture and creating the art spirit of urban public will cultivate students with broad and modern creation concept to adapt to age spirit.

2. Environment and public art creation research on public art languageenvironment, form and expression. It composes the art works with public cohesion and cultural character through the art approaches that have public nature such as architecture, sculpture, painting, and environment design.

3. The research of diverse materials painting is explored the artistic expression of diverse materials that being used to panting and designcomposition and application. That exceeds the idea of functional materials for modern industry, through the innovative affect on the materials, changes the Chinese traditional art like Chinese panting, oil panting, printcarving to increase the expression, imagination and appeal of the art works.

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