Fashion Performing-Bachelor degree


We are one of the oldest institutes of domestic universities to create the specialty of fashion design and performance. It aims to cultivate the students who are expertise on apparel and fashion products display, organizing and planning, visual performing, and fashion marketing. This major currently consists of two professional directions: Fashion Show and Marketing, Fashion Show and Planning.


The curriculums include Aesthetics of Costume, Performing Arts, Fashion Shows, Image Design, Modeling Arts, Character Shaping, Organization and Planning of Fashion Show, Ad Planning and Creativity, Fashion store Design, Fashion RetailingBusiness and Public Relation.


Environment Design-Bachelor degree


The educational purpose of Environment Design is to improve the students engaged in Landscape planning and design, Interior design of public architecture, Design of living space, Furniture design, and being able to plan and manage the projectteach and research.


Courses include: History of Architecture, Architectural Drawings, Design Performance Techniques, Environment Arts Modeling, Integrated Interior Design, Furniture Design, Integrated Outdoor Design, Computer performance, and etc. The courses also contain the projects such as Design of Clothing Commercial Environment that run with other expertise of display, brand, apparel, planning etc.


Visual Communication Design-Bachelor degree


Visual Communication Design creates two research directions: Graphic Design and Advertising Design.


1. Graphic Design: It cultivates the senior personnel to specialize in graphic design, teaching, researching and management. The main courses include: Graphic Creativity, Package Design, Logo Design, Poster Design, CIS Design, Advertises Design, Exhibition Design, Book Design, and Professional Photography.


2. Advertising Design fosters the senior personnel to specialize in ads planning, creating and designing. Professional courses: Communication, Advertising Planning, Advertising, Advertising Psychology, Advertising Photography, Creative Advertising, Advertising Media, Advertising Design, etc.


Clothing and Fashion Design-Bachelor degree


The students of this major will have the capacity of creativity and practice, will have the strong sense of market design and competition, will master the basic knowledge of operations of the clothing company, and will be able to follow and predicate the fashion trends.


The specialized courses offered are: History of Clothing, Minority Costume, Clothing Design Principles, Fashion Design, Garment Pattern, Clothing Design Modeling and Structure, Draping, Fashion Sketch Techniques, Garment Materials, Clothing Production Technology, Garment CAD and so on.


Clothing Design and Engineering-Bachelor degree


The specialty cultivates the application-oriented senior technical talents to adapt the advance of clothing industry, master the particular knowledge of the relevant technologies used in clothing design and production areaundertake the work for clothing product design and developmentclothing manufacture and management, clothing merchandising, and clothing research and teaching.


The elementary courses are: Clothing Pattern Design, Clothing Material, Fashion Design, Fashion Sketch, Clothing CAD, Ergonomics, Clothing History, Foundations of Computer Application, etc. Furthermore, the specialize courses are: Womenswear Pattern, Menswear Pattern, Clothing Grading, Clothing CAD II, Clothing Technology, Clothing Merchandising, Draping, Garment Comfort, Clothing Retail, Garment product development, Clothing Enterprise Management.


Product design-Bachelor degree


It is a subject which is designed to train the product innovation-focused high-quality application talents of design, management, R&D and teaching, who master systematically theoretical knowledge of Product Design and comprehensive creative design practical skills, satisfy needs of the market and the product design industry, and are able to engage in product design-related visual design, information design, environmental facility design or display design.


The courses of the subject include: Product Design Methodology, Materials and Technology, Ergonomics, History of Industrial Design, Performance Techniques of Product Design Renderings, Product Drawing, Model Making and Technology, Product System Design, Design Procedures and Methods, Product Innovation and Development, Computer-Aided Design, etc.


Arts and Crafts-Bachelor degree


Arts and Crafts major is designed to train senior professionals who can combine the traditional handicraft theory and the practice, have the creation ability, are able to conduct actual production of various traditional and modern arts and crafts, relevant teaching and research and design management in cultural art sector, traditional processing field and enterprises and institutions including design companies and schools.


The courses of the subject include: Design Aesthetics , Art Psychology, Arts and History, Traditional Modeling Basis, Three-Dimensional Modeling Basis, Decorative Linear, Folk Art, Ceramics, Ceramic Design, Fiber Art, Decorative Painting, Decorative Fresco, Lacquering Technique, Dyeing Technique, Decorative Sculpture, Metal Crafts, etc.

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