Research Direction 1: mechatronic system of modern textile equipment
1. Carbon fiber multi-layered weaving equipment
2. New types of textile machines
3. Monitoring and control of textile equipment and productive process
4. Technological parameter and online detection and controlling of printing and dyeing equipment


Research direction 2:mechanism and mechanical dynamics and control
1. Dynamics of Rigid-flexible mechanism in mechanicalsystem

2.Rigid-flexible metamorphicmechanismparallelmechanismtopology of robotic mechanism, inverse and forward kinematics,dynamicproperties,viberation control,control methods and strategy

3. Control theory and method of mechanical multi-bodydynamics


Research direction 3: industrial robot system and application
1. Industrial robot system and application
2. Mobile welding robot system and key technology of large-scale structural components
3. Stitching system and technology of three-dimensional composite material robots


Research direction 4:integrated manufacturing of photoelectricity and surface modification technique
1. Surface modification of metallic materials
2. Laser surface modification technology and Laser remanufacturing technology of typical parts
3. Laser welding technique

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