1、  Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor/Master/PhD degree

Mechanical engineering can be divided into 2 directions that are mechanical design manufacturing and automation and material modeling and control. The department teaches students the basic theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge of mechanical engineering and automation. It hopes to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents with applied skills including mechanical design, machine manufacturing, electromechanical control, material molding, so that they can perform tasks of design, manufacturing, scientific and technological development,applied research, operation management and business sales in the mechanical field.

Core Curriculum:
Mechanical design manufacturing and automation:mechanics of materials, principle of mechanics, mechanical design, fundamentals of machine manufacturing technology, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, computer aided design and manufacturing, principles and tools of metal-cutting, mechanical equipment and design, numerical control technology and special processing technology.

Material modeling and control: mechanical drawing, electrician and electronic technology, mechanics of materials, principle of mechanics, mechanical design, fundamentals of machine manufacturing technology, metal science and heat treatment, principles of material molding, material molding technology and material molding equipment.


2、 Mechatronic Engineering - Bachelor/Master/PhD degree

The department teaches students basic theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge of mechanical design and mechatronic control. It hopes to cultivate high-level applied talents with basic knowledge and application abilities to design and control modern mechatronic products, so that all these senior engineering and technical talents can be devoted to tasks of research and development, design, application and technology in mechatronic system.

Core Curriculum:engineering drawing, engineering mechanics,theory of machines,mechanical design, fundamentals of mechanical control engineering, hydraulic and transmission, electrotechnics,electronic technique,engineering material,interchange and technical measurement, fundamentals of mechatronic transmission control, foundation of machine manufacturing technology, sensor and detection technique, principle and application of single chip microcomputer, electromechanical control technology,industrial robot, principle and application of programmable controller and mechatronic integrationsystem design.


3、 Mechanical Engineering(Outstanding Engineers- Bachelor/Master/PhD degree

The department of mechanical engineering cooperates with the enterprises to train engineering talents that can meet the demands of enterprises. Guided by the principle of combining theory and practice, the department teaches mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing, automatic control technology, computer application and other basic techniques and professional knowledge of mechanical engineering in order to train outstanding engineering talents that are qualified in various aspects including basic skills of the design, application, operation and management of textile manufacturing machine (system), integrative competence to do scientific research, product development, technical management, mechanical engineering in mechanical engineering and relevant fields, a solid knowledge of engineering science, profound understanding of mechanical expertise, continuous innovation and strong international competitiveness.

Core curriculum: theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, principle of mechanics, mechanical design, fundamentals of mechanical manufacturing technology, fundamentals of mechanical control engineering, introduction to mechanical engineering analysis and design of mechanism, principle of textile manufacturing machine designing, transmission and control technology of textile manufacturing machine.


4、 Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument- Bachelor/Master degree

The department of measurement and control technology and instrument aims to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents with a comprehensive development in morality, intelligence and physical health so that they can perform tasks of design and measurement technology, procedure parameter measuring technique of sensors and industry, process control, design of intelligent machine, mechatronic system integration in information detection and control engineering.

Core curriculum:fundamentals of circuit,microcontroller theory and interface technology,basic analog electronics,fundamentals of digital electronics,fundamentals of sensors and application,measurement and control circuit,signals and systems,principle of automatic control ,precision instrument design,theory and design of measurement and control system.


5、 Industrial Design (Science and Technology) - Bachelor/Master degree

The purpose of this department is to cultivate qualified industrial designers that master basic theory of modern industrial design, acquaint with both technology and art and have strong abilities of practice and innovation. The students of the department of industrial design are supposed to be senior practical designers with innovation and engineering practice ability to perform tasks of product design, design management, product marketing, design evaluation and research on product design in manufacturing, specialized design and research and development institution.

Core curriculum: ergonomics, engineering drawing, computer-aided product modeling and manufacturing, industrial product structure representation, design materials and processing technic, procedure and methods of product design, systematic design of product, product form design, innovative shape design of mechanical products and design project of shape and culture of mechanized equipment.


6、 Building Environment and Energy Utilization Engineering- Bachelor/Master degree

The department of building environment and energy utilization engineering is founded to meet the needs of industrial modernization and scientific development. It teaches basic and professional knowledge and practical skills to prepare students for design, installation and debugging, operation management in indoor environmental system, public architectural facilities, architectural energy environment system and research, design and development in special environment. Students are supposed to act as senior engineering and technical talents that can perform tasks of scientific research, production and teaching in design and research institute, construction and installation engineering companies, house property companies, property management firms and other relevant areas.

Core curriculum: engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer theory, hydromechanics, building environment theory, pipe network for fluid supply, heat and mass transfer principles and equipment, introduction to architecture, air-conditioning technique, cryogenic technology, heating engineering, boiler and boiler room equipment and industrial ventilation.

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