The long-established School of Foreign Languages can be traced back to 1958, when the Office of English Language Teaching and Research and the Office of Non-English Foreign Languages Teaching and Research were set up in TJPU. It developed into the Department of Foreign Languages in 1993. Its integration with the Department of Social Sciences in 2001 constituted the School of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature began to operate separately in September, 2002. The year 2004 witnessed the founding of the current School of Foreign Languages.


The School currently consists of the English Department, the Japanese Department, the College English Department and the Institute of Foreign language and Literature. It is equipped with language labs, either co-sponsored by the central government and Tianjin municipal government or sponsored by TJPU. The School offers courses and research at two levels, namely, M.A. and undergraduates. The M.A. program “Foreign Language and Literature”, as a secondary discipline, focuses on five specialties: Linguistics, British and American Literature, Translation Theory and Practice, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Japanese Language and Culture. The undergraduate program is offered in two majors: English and Japanese.


The School has strong faculty of 118 members, including 5 full professors and 34 associate professors---- accounting for 33% of the total. 89.8% of the faculty possess either PhD or MA degrees. They offer various foreign language courses for 576 English majors undergraduates and 71 graduates in the School, and for all the TJPU students out of the school.

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