School of humanities and law consists of department of law, department of Journalism and communication and applied law research institution. The school has been approved of training Master of Economic Law. In 2014, the school was approved of granting the Juris Master degree. Now there are three undergraduate majors including law, Broadcasting & TV Journalism and Editing of Radio and Television.


The school has 59 teachers, among whom 49 are full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 15 associate professors. Associate senior titles accounted for 45% of full-time teachers. The total number of students is 1494, including 65 postgraduates, 1429 undergraduates.


The school teaching facilities are excellent. Now the school sets up mock trial laboratory, forensic appraisal laboratory and digital communication laboratory and it takes a leading position among domestic universities of the same kind.The research ability is strong. The school gets many provincial and ministerial-level scientific research awards. It has formed the characteristic of the applied law research.


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