Short term oversea visiting programs for both students and staff members are running smoothly in CSSE. In 2012, two undergraduate students and one MSc student visited Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. In 2013, five young staffs have visited New Zealand, United States of America and Singapore respectively. Apart from the International communication programs, we are also developing joint-education plans with several oversea colleges from United States and Republic of Korea, such as, University of Wisconsin Platteville, Sam Houston State University, Kangwon National University, etc. We have cooperated in research with the many partners around the world such as Dr. Luoxin Zhang (National University of Singapore) and Prof. Suiping Zhou (Middlesex University, UK). We held the first International Conference on Computer and Information Application held in December 2010 with over 200 researchers from 9 countries attended the meeting.


Our future collaborative interests:

1.Joint eductional programmes

2.Joint scientific research programmes

3.Student exchange programmes

4.Teacher exchange programmes

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