1) Internet of Things Programme - Bachelor degree

This programme is for cultivating students to become advanced engineering and technology talents who master the theoretical foundation and professional knowledge of Internet of Things, and have communication network technology, sensors and RFID technology, embedded system development technology and system integration technology that in areas such as the wide professional knowledge, and are able to engage in design, development, management and maintenance of the perception equipment of Internet of Things, application system, information security in the Internet of Things related enterprise, industry.

2) Animation Programme - Bachelor degree

This programme is for cultivating students to become advanced applied talents who work in animation studies and teaching department, with solid animation professional theoretical foundation and master professional knowledge and skills of animation, have the innovation spirit and practice ability, are able to engage in 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion recorder, the late edit stage of digital television, the early stage of the game design, animation production management in the movie, TV, Internet and other media production posts.

3)Network Engineering Programme - Bachelor degree

This programme is for cultivating students to become advanced network technology talents who have profound professional knowledge and solid professional knowledge and strong ability of network engineering that can engage in the technology work of researching and developing network equipment and network protocols, network engineering planning and design and implementation, network application system development, network management and maintenance, network security technology ,with good professional ethics and team cooperation spirit that can meet the demand of talents of industry information construction in our country.


4)Software Engineering Programme - Bachelor degree

This programme is for cultivating students to become high level applied talents who have good scientific literacy, outstanding engineering capability, the ability to acquire knowledge, excellent professional quality and creative ability and master the basic theory and skill of computer technology and the software design and are able to serve the economic construction in our country with the international competition ability that can engage in a variety of applications in the field of software analysis, design, development, management, research and service work, also can undertake business management, the software development process management and market sales work.

5)Computer Science and Technology Programme - Bachelor degree

This programme is for cultivating students to become computer science senior applied talents who have basic theories of computer science and technology, knowledge and skills, solid basic knowledge, wide knowledge, strong practical ability, basic ability of computer software and hardware research and development and can engage in scientific research, teaching, science and technology development and management.


6) Master programme of software engineering - Master degree

The software industry is the core of the information industry and the foundation of information industry, agriculture, commerce, defense, culture and education etc.. The development of the advanced engineering method of the software is the key to improve the production efficiency of the software, it is also the key to software industrialization. The subject of postgraduate education goal is to cultivate a number of computer software, a solid theoretical foundation, master of software engineering method in practical, compound and the theory of software engineering, software engineering researchers and technical personnel and management of software engineering talent, in order to meet the needs of the development of China's software industry, accelerate our country informatization construction. This subject according to the software engineering discipline of social needs, combined with our teachers and equipment conditions, the purpose of this scheme, as the guiding document for training postgraduate semicircle software software engineering majors. There are four research directions in this program: theory and application of software engineering, computer image processing technology, information systems management and security of distributed software system.

7) Master programme of computer science and technology - Master degree

Computer science and technology is one of the engineering technology field in the world's fastest-growing and most influential, it is widely used in information management, scientific computing, process control, communication and other fields, and has been integrated into all aspects of daily life, the social demand for computer science and technology talents is also expanding. So the development of computer science and technology disciplines, meet the growing needs of the community is the inevitable trend in information era. The teacher is strong, the experimental equipment is advanced, in 1997 received a master's degree to grant right, and from 2000 onwards, continuous Tianjin city is listed as Ten Five Year Plan, Eleven Five Year Plan, Twelfth Five Year Plan period focus on the development of disciplines. The students pay more attention to training students in theoretical research and engineering practice ability in research. Master this discipline training students should be of high level talents in computer science and technology. The following are the research directions of this program: calculation and high performance embedded system design, textile composite materials nondestructive testing and computer aided design, advanced design theory, algorithm and application of intelligent systems and network security, database and biological information calculation etc..

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