The School of Computer Science and Software Engineering was established in April 2009, and moved into Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering in August 2010. Its predecessor is the Department of Computer Science of the School of Computer Technology and Automation,founded in 1980. It has profound academic accumulation.


In personnel training,the school has established practical software talents training model of business-oriented needs in different levels, to attract domestic and foreign outstanding institutions to set in base. Relying on the advantages of Tianjin colleges and universities education resources and high-tech zones industries, the school combines industrial and education to promote the close collaboration and innovation in personnel training. Adopting the 3 +1 personnel training model, the school carries out teaching with the contents of new achievements, new courses and new projects. The research work of high-performance embedded systems design and other areas have been in the international leading level, and formed a high reputation subject characteristics. In recent years, the college has undertaken the projects of National Natural Science Foundation, the National Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education Fund, the Ministry of Education Doctoral Program Tianjin Natural Science Foundation and other high-level research projects, and published more than 800 academic papers in famous journals and international conferences.


The school has four undergraduate majors of computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering and animation. Among them, the software engineering major won the national characteristic major construction in 2009, software engineering and animation major was ranked as Tianjin famous major.


The school has 3,500 undergraduate students and 103 graduate students. It has 1 Tianjin distinguished professor, 8 doctoral degree supervisors, 24 associate professors, and 28 faculties with doctoral degree. Teachers with doctoral, master degree account for more than 85% among 100 full-time teachers and teaching staff.



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