The School of Electronics and Information Engineering derived from the Department of Automation of the Tianjin Institute of Textile Science and Technology, which opened in 1980. Following the school-running spirit of ‘strength the country by reviving education, advocating the integrity and preciseness’ as well as the university motto ‘critically, strictly, practically and realistically’, after decades of development, the school has formed its characteristics of education that includes ‘possessing the solid knowledge, adapting to a wide application, pursuing higher criterion, and appreciating the practical abilities’.


The school has constructed a high-level teaching staff team, and received achievements on the discipline construction, teaching and scientific research etc. In addition, the Information and Communication Engineering discipline was awarded as the ‘Specialist discipline of Tianjin’ and the Communication Engineering subject was selected as the ‘Tianjin brand subject’. This subject also became a cooperative program with the University Of Wollongong, Australia, which had been authorized by the Ministry of Education of China. Electronic Information Engineering of our school was listed into the prior developing subjects of the ‘National Excellent Engineers Plan’. Meanwhile, we own the High-Power LED Engineering Research Center, which are affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and the Tianjin Semiconductor Lighting Technology Center.


We face up to the social needs, with an eye to the regional economy and follow the trend of discipline development. We have constructed a complete education system including the undergraduate program, postgraduate program, and formed some advantaged academic disciplines, such as the Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Testing Technology and so on.

There are three concepts when we run our school. Firstly, each discipline should forge ahead. Secondly, every staff at our school could get an all-round development and pleasant ambience in the job. The third one is that we should ensure the comprehensive quality of each student is able to be promoted. Every one could enjoy the studying, gratitude to their Alma Mater and teachers when graduated.


Welcome to the School of Electronics and Information Engineering! We invite you to join our vibrant and intellectually challenging community.

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